TNT??? Yes, Please.

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yes 20 vote(s) 52.6%
yes please 33 vote(s) 86.8%
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  1. Dude your a mod now you can just force people to give you their tnt or ban them and make them build it for you :p
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  2. He himself would then get banned/demoted tho :p
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  3. Depends how discretely he does it ;)
    (disclaimer: you cannot ban people discretely =P)
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  4. i remember when you were asking for tnt from me xD
  5. Well, you can if you wait for them to log off... :cool:
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  6. Chin.... Don't give him ideas ;)
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  7. Then theyd find out theyre banned when trying to log back in.... and the appeal would expose everything :p
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  8. It’s a small price to pay for salvation
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  9. i'm just waiting for smpcake to happen but this time its smpbomb

    if and when i build a mob farm for jaqque_r0x/foxy_kitty's outpost i will donate all extra gunpowder to you deadmon5
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  10. Well everyone, that was a fun project. Time to put this thread to bed I suppose. A quick couple answers to some questions I've been receiving before I wrap things up. Number 1. No way am I filling another res with tnt lol. I'm glad that a lot of people enjoyed this project and its end result however it cost me a great deal of time and resources and I have other projects I'd like to focus on. It was indeed worth it. More than just the project itself it was great to see the turnout we had, I love seeing this community come together and it was awesome to be a reason why that happened. I'll try and come up with more creative ideas like that to get people interacting. Of all the tnt that was place 4 blocks did not detonate. I have renamed those blocks tnt res 1 0f 4, 2 of 4, and so on. Not sure what to do with them. Think I'll save them for a little piece of EMC history. As to what to do with the giant hole of a res now, see pic below. Cant see in the pics but some signs are down there as well with a little info as to what it once was. Think that's all I've got for now.

    Tnt Res.
    Mission Completed.

  11. Achievement Unlocked: SMPBomb

    Smp8 has been caked, exploded, and awkwardly married.

    Starlis: get nae nae'd
  12. wait, you already did it?
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    anyways congrats now to refill it again for next year! BIGGER THAN EVER AMIRIGHT ;)
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  14. Yeah, he created a new thread for it. I should've mentioned that here (or really, deadmon should have), I'm sorry.
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