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    This is a new thing I am starting where I find threads and events from the history of EMC.
    someone will probably yell at you if you do.
    Without any more wait...

    2 years ago we saw the release of Minecraft 1.1
    Today also marks the beginning of the ability to make your own shops.
    Another important update was the chat update. These chat improvements were preparations made for the server limit increase.
    Last for the news section, we see the closing of the arenas server.
    You can also see in that thread what a super old bump looks like.

    2013 saw some new stuff too...
    the public events section was created and EMC was able to play 1.4.7

    Who said this:
    First person to figure it out gets 200 rupees!
    Hint: it was posted around this week in the last couple of years.
    What do you think of this? should I make more? Do you remember these things?
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  2. Reserved for future use...
  3. From looking at the forum search results... I think Eclipsys made that post :p.
  4. You would be correct. I was hoping no one would realize they could do that :rolleyes:. I will send the 200 next time I am on.
    Here is the thread where it is said.
  5. we also reached 70k registered members today.
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  6. It was almost 2 weeks ago actually.
  7. I count the number that is on the homepage with the stats
  8. That shows current members, not total :)
    The number will go down when profiles are deleted etc.
  9. Wasn't the shops thing from 8/11/11?
  10. nope the 21st
  11. I didn't know that timeline really existed. i am using the forums to do it. I will include somewhat less significant things but more of them than what are posted there.
    Good catch. I have no clue how that got by me. I will leave it in for now but I will be more careful next time.
    The idea is to post things that happened in the past, not this week in 2014. Maybe you will see it next year if I am still doing this ;)
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  12. Bump. I am going to be working on a second one that will be longer. expect it sometime next week