1.4.7 Update! (Its Safe!)

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by iSmooch, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. 1.4.7 seems to just be some client fixes, so it is for everyone to update :). Go ahead. I tested this myself and you can still play on EMC with a 1.4.7 client.

    Also, 1.4.6 mods still work on 1.4.7
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  2. When did they release a new update? :eek:
  3. I guess sometime in the last couple of hours. Its just client side fixes though, so its safe.
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  4. Sorry didn't know when they were evengoing to release this so we didnt have a thread, but I've been on 1.4.7 for near a week now.

    Just reinstall your same mods and your good.
  5. How did you get 1.4.7 1week earlier than others?
  6. It's been on pre-release since before the new year.
  7. I thought that was snapshots for 1.5 :eek:
  8. well minecraft forge doesnt work with this version (yet)
    • Fixed crash related to arrows fired from dispensers
    • Fixed a multiplayer crash when using fireworks without a fireworks star
    • Fixed long timeout when checking SRV records
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  9. I. Love. This. :D
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  10. And that is?
  11. When I updated by a mistake I still had one other window open of 1.4.6 And I was terrified thinking "Oh my god I will have to keep this open forever" until I saw this post.
  12. Also I just noticed that even though its not on the supporter forum. Only supporters and mods have commented on this.
  13. Must be some sort of conspiracy.
    I mean, what else could it mean?
  14. Error: I just broke the fabric of Time and Space? :oops:
  15. Dunno.
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  17. That also...
    A pree-relese is a final product (Or close to)
    A Snapshot is not finished and has holes in it (It's basically like ideas thrown onto a pad even if they are still buggy)
  18. Good thing I saw this before making a thread :confused: