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  1. I have just implemented the chat changes that were being discussed. Remember that changes are not necessarily permanent. I understand that some players will love this change and some will hate it. We are just trying to do what is best for the community as a whole and we can continue to tweak it and make improvements. Additionally I know many people will be happy that this is the second to last step to before we start testing upping the max player limit from 45 (last step is some live map rendering fixes).

    Rather than list all of the changes twice here is the updated guide:

    Also as usual you can see a summary of every update:

    Thanks everyone :)
  2. Thank you!
  3. That was much needed... I also like the automatic spam ban system.
  4. I agree on the spamkick. It would have stopped 80% of the things I dealt with today, automatically.
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  5. Yup, a few more details on how it currently works (we will tweak it as we go along):

    Send 5 messages in 5 seconds, auto kick with warning
    Send 5 messages in 5 seconds again in the next 24 hours, auto ban
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  6. But then there wont be spam of the console kicking the player?
    -Console kicked the player for spamming
    -Console kicked the player for spamming...

    Also, the *idk how is called* spam class of sending packets of leaving "player leaved the game" the game will be blocked with this spamkick?
  7. Now I don't have to get Andrew everyday.:)
  8. I am excited about these changes :)
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  9. Me too, they are great :)
  10. Very nice and improved changes!
  11. Love the changes!
  12. This is awesome. I was a little peeved at first with not being able to contact people in town while in the wilderness via Global Chat (cause /tell playername message is such a pain to do when running for your life!), but I eventually saw the efficiency of using only local in the wild and leaving global chat in the town only. All I know is I'm gonna get doggone fast with tell after a month of play!

    Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed all the changes implemented. That anti-spam function (though I didn't see it mentioned in the guide) will be a delight to see in action!
  13. Throw me onto the 'hate it' list. :(
    It's so lonely on chat now!
    As I have said many times before, I spend most of my time in the wild, so it was nice to be able to see what was happening everywhere else while I was out mining...
    Now I can't provide input into the conversations unless I'm in town. Even worse than that, most of my sales came from answering people asking for certain things - so my economy is going to suffer from this because I can no longer advertise while I am mining. :(
    I didn't mind the chat at all - I think that Empire chat is actually relatively free of spam and junk and foul language... mods are great about taking care of those people quickly.
    Actually, the only part I hated about the chat is still around - the signed in and signed out notices!
    Is there any way we could join into the town chat if we wanted to from the wild?
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  14. Great changes, especially the spam filter. I might be able to tolerate smp3 chat now :p
  15. I agree with NurglesRott, this will definately take some time to get used to. Being all alone in a dark cave isn't as bad when you get to hear whats going on in town. One doesn't feel as alone anymore. Now things are more...realistic, which I always welcome. I do think this is better, but as I said, it's also a somewhat scary prospect. ;)
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  16. Im so wonely... so werry wonely....
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  17. What about the cross-server private message thing you once mentioned, JustinGuy?
  18. I like these changes, I imagine it would get very busy in global if cross server chat gets implemented - Imaging 200 people saying Visit my store! Cheap stuff! :)

    It will take some getting used to though.
  19. I probably did not explain myself good enough, sry. What i meant was that you could only cross-server talk by using private conversation, you know, /tell.
    Justin mentioned it himself once, can't remember wich forum...
  20. I didn't see your message until after I posted, had just heard it somewhere said before, but yeah only in tells make sense.