Arenas server will be closing

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hello Empire,

    We have decided to close the beta arenas server for now. When I started arenas it was sort of a impulse decision to see if some ideas I had could even be done (like the status signs in the hub). I really enjoyed putting the server together, it was a lot of fun to experiment altering the game to be different, and I learned a ton. We have decided to close for a few reasons:

    • It is not popular at all, and it takes up precious resources. Closing it will allow us to keep expanding the popular smp servers.
    • It is riddled with bugs and memory leaks, so much so that it freezes the server it is on completely at least once a day.
    • With everything I am doing and have planned for the smp servers I don't have the time to work on the arenas. It needs a lot of love to get to a stable place.
    • With how much is changing in MC 1.0 we probably wouldn't be able upgrade the server from beta 1.8 for awhile.

    The server will be shutting down on 11/10 (Thursday). It is possible, but not promised, that we will have the time and opportunity to give it another try in the future. Thanks :)
  2. NO!!! I play it with my friends all the time. I've seen it almost FULL recently!
  3. Unfortunately this has to happen for many reasons like Justin said. You should be happy that Justin is will to make the main server better instead of neglecting it. :)
  4. Well yeah, but we can harldy get on the main server anymore.
  5. Well can a download for the arenas be put up, like the world and plugins?
  6. Please make the server come back
  7. I do believe this thread died long ago.
  8. Ya... I didn't even know what this was.