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  1. Back when we started Empire Minecraft we didn't expect the overwhelming support and popularity we have today. Together we all have built an outstanding community and a server that has revolutionized Minecraft multiplayer.

    Along the way we have run into several technical challenges that have kept us from expanding as quickly as we wanted to. One example is the residence system, our most important feature. Currently the server is keeping track of 1,500 residences and due to the technical nature of the Minecraft server we cannot support adding more.

    Over the past few weeks the staff and I have been discussing what the future of Empire Minecraft will look like. Our number one goal is to provide the Empire to as many players as possible. What we have decided is that we are going to expand the Empire into multiple servers. This will allow us to continually add new servers and new residences to maximize the number of players we can support.

    However the way we are going to do multiple servers is very unique, something I am calling the "integrated multi-server experience". I have spent the last week in code up to my eyeballs preparing for this. I still have a couple days to go but I am very close to launching our second SMP server (smp2).

    Here are the details so far:
    • Each new server will be the same experience and configuration as the current server, with names like smp2, smp3, etc. Meaning they will have a Town with residences, and open worlds as well. The guide will apply to all servers.
    • Rupees will be Empire wide, so you have the same "account" no matter what server you are on.
    • A new feature called the "Empire Vault" (name pending) will allow you to move blocks and items between servers. It will operate just like a chest but you can open it on any server!
    • Town addresses will not overlap. So say you are on smp2 and you type /visit 801, you will get a nice message letting you know that the residence is on smp1 (this will be the same for /visit playername).
    • We are working on guidelines to allow players to claim more than one residence (on the same or different servers).
    • The website will have a really nice servers page that shows statistics on each server. Such as who is connected, how many residences are open and claimed, etc.
    • The website will have a nice residences page where you can see a list of all residences on every server and click on them to locate it automatically on the live map.
    • Supporters will of course still be supporters on every Empire Minecraft server :)
    • Players can only connect to one server at a time.
    • Bans will be Empire wide and apply to every server.
    • You will be able to see who is on other servers with /who servername
    • You will be able to locate a friend on any server with /p playername
    • Whispers (/tell) will be cross server, meaning you can whisper to a player even if they are on a different server. Please note that this will be a feature released at a later date.
    • Player things like your location and your health will be separate on each server (the vault will allow you to move items between servers).
    Most of these items will be ready for the smp2 launch but some may come at a later date. I plan on being ready to launch smp2 on Wednesday the 9th. This of course is assuming I don't run into any major road blocks. I am sorry I know that new players are waiting patiently to claim their own residence or even connect at all.

    Thanks Empire!
  2. I just gotta say wow. But I do see a roadblock in your future… MW3 :D
  3. Haha yeah, I am going to hold off on getting that until I am happy with the state of the Empire :) Cause yes that would suck the life out of me!
  4. Justin,
    Thank you so much for all your hard work. The way you have innovated and shaped the minecraft multiplayer in to unique experience is astounding. I remember when Jeremy was begging me to buy this game called minecraft. I think I said “I don’t want to send 22 dollars on a game right now jer” but a course Jeremy nag me till I got it (lol). It’s kind of funny I was how reluctant I was to pay 22 dollars for the game and now pay 20 dollars a month to support (EMC). So just keep doing what you are doing and the future of EMC will be limitless.
  5. Okay, I've seen alot of plugins, many of them complex to where I dreament of them. Never though have I seen a system this complex, what you are doing cann't be described with words, amazing just doesn't cut it.
  6. This is insane! This will revolutionize no only EMC but Minecraft Multiplayer on the whole. This will give people the ability to do quite literally anything! I could never have even imagined something like this! Thank you Justin from not only me, but the whole of the Empire!
  7. Yeah well I preordered it bit my xbox is down so… :p
  8. Awesome! Justin, you certainly took it much further than any Minecraft Server has gone. You're not following the crowd, your the leader. Do what you think is best! :D
  9. I absolutely adore this idea. This may just solve all of our problems, and who knows. You might just need more Moderators to help out. ;)
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  10. one word to describe this accurately....GODLIKE! this is not just an MC revolution...but a possible gaming revolution not many games allow cross server chatting and such(once it is all finished that is ) keep it up and maybe we shall rule all of MC Multiplayer one day!!!
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  11. mw3 will have no impact on this game for people like me. Ive played the call of duty games, they are ok, but not as good as minecraft in my opinion. For people like me, it means that alot of the kids that flood the chat will leave and go to mw3. Thank goodness for that.
  12. :) also don't forget we have a chat ignore system, and the ability to totally turn off chat with /ch off if you want to build/mine in peace :)
  13. Absolutely. Thank you for the reminder. I have been exercising that command a little this weekend. Good to have that option. :)
  14. YES!!! Cant wait, I havent been able to play on my home server in forever! even though I got here just before it hit popularity I am proud to call this my home server , I would be glad to help form the second multiplayer server as we continue to grow
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  15. Justin,
    I am so completely and utterly proud of the things you have done for this server. You have become so innovative in this game that you are continually pushing the boundaries of Minecraft multiplayer. And pushing them all in the right directions. I remember when Jer asked me to join the original little white list server and how :eek: I was at what you did to just that. Then when we moved into the Empire. And you became the american jerk who built that pyramid down the road from me lol. Everything you have done has gone above and beyond what anyone has ever expected. And I personally thank you for it. I am proud to say I know you and this server has been my one and only Minecraft home. And I look forward to all the amazing things that will happen in the future.
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  16. I <3 this server and i too joined before it hit popularity...but i still claim it to be my home server...with half finished res and all !!!! xD
  17. Lmao, I joined right before it hit popularity, like 4-5 days before. This is the best server ever, it is the only server I play on currently, and I doubt I would have stuck with the game for much longer if I hadn't found all of this. I am proud to be a member of EMC, and I couldn't have hoped for a better team of admins and mods then the one that we have now. Keep up the incredible work everyone!

    Edit: I had to post praise to the server twice on this thread because that is just how epic this community and server is! :D
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  18. Thanks Justin, Hopefully these updates come Just-in time before I go on holiday..... haha lol thats punny XD
  19. errrrGuys..... would anyone be so kind as to please give me the ip address :D thx for the trouble
  20. The ip is on the top of the site. And if you mean the other server, im of the understanding that they will kinda connect ;)