The future of Empire Minecraft

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  1. *blush*
  2. Lol Justin, you have an admirer! Also, this is a great server. I joined a bit before Echidy, when there was an average of 15-20, and there are some cons to the server being so big now, but all in all I would still play this server even if the world was ending! Great Job guys, I am glad and feel privileged to be part of such a great community!
  3. I too love minecraft, I play at least 2-3 hours each day. The one thing that stands above every other host is the currency/store mods and the personalized protected lots. The game is best experienced by adventuring out into the unknown by myself, looking for that rare and hard to find diamond, glowstone, or lapis. Survival of the fittest and the danger is very real. Who knows where a creeper will come up and force you to either A: run for your life B: bravely slice with your sword and strave backward to avoid the creeper's explosion C: have your back turned while mining, hear the explosion too late, and get a full on face rape of the creepers cruel one-shot kill blast or finally D: resort to blocking its way to you by quickly building a cobblestone wall barrier.
    I consider myself well seasoned against all of the mobs, with me walking away the last one standing 98% of the time, but still to this day creepers still 'creep' me out, and i've been playing Minecraft since 1.4.
  4. I personally love how this server intregrates the survival side of minecraft with the industrial side. I often find many servers that
    have one or the other.
  5. Only thing that we need now is more people of the server participate much more in the forums i think compared to the server gamers we should have a much more participation community. It's my opinion ;)
  6. I think EMC is better than MW3, Minecraft alone is more fun (in my opinion)
  7. This is a pretty old thread ;)
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  8. Lots of necrobump lately. Is there a rule against that?
  9. hum when a thred gets old and no one is posting on it there should be something new to do with it.