Golden Gulf Castle - By Eclipsys & gulfor

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Eclipsys, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. javaw 2012-01-06 16-39-23-84.jpg javaw 2012-01-06 16-39-43-77.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 20-09-33-56.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 20-09-54-16.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 20-10-48-20.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 20-11-24-74.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 20-24-06-00.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 20-39-22-34.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 20-40-03-63.jpg javaw 2012-01-05 20-52-55-54.jpg Hey guys,

    here is a project im currently working on, a castle :D
    It isnt finished yet, but ill keep this forum post updated :D
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  2. That looks fantastic, please make sure to keep us updated with photo's as you progress :)
  3. Its growing really fast :D. This forum post will grow exponentially XD Do you like it so far shaun :D?
  4. I do, very much. If this is just the castle grounds and gates I would love to see the castle you build to go with it.
  5. This is really an amazing project! It inspires me to get my wild kit together and try and find a nice little place to start my own construction project.

    Would you mind telling me what texture pack you are using in those first few photos of the OP? Looks like a good one :)
  6. the last window pictures r from the castle to go with it :D. its, truly really epicly, growing fast xD
  7. John Smith v 8.4
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  8. Really nice job man, keep up the good work :)

    The admin of the server is being an ass. He does not want ''unknown'' people to play on his server any more. The server has a white-list now. And its a party to which me n gulfor r not invited.

    Project Golden Gulf Castle is hereby shut down.


  10. its that dutch hater again isnt it?
  11. That's a big shame, I was genuinely interested in seeing how this turned out. :(
    If you manage to get back in, or replicate the project elsewhere, be sure to keep us updated.
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  12. We moved to another server, and will try to replicate it as best we can, we've found a nice little spot already. Ill keep you posted :D
  13. Yeah, it is, he's really screwing us around. Hes a total jackass
  14. This Looks SO Cool I Wish I Was Making That. And When You Are Building It Are You On Creative Mode?