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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by 72Volt, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Remember I made a manifesto detesting how my school has an official religion? If not, you should know I made a manifesto detesting how my school has an official religion.

    Well, in the manifesto, I called one of my teachers the 'matriarch of all things Christian, art and cupcake' (she teaches RE, runs a little christian club and runs a 'cupcake club' where everyone is of baking cupcakes) among other things. I also made some comments about Christian demographics in the school (moderate Christians, radical Christians, Christian enthusiasts) and how Christian enthusiasts are mainly attracted to the Christian club.

    Well, today, my mother got a phone call from the principal, and I'm apparently in big trouble. I have to apologise to the teacher, I have to apologise to the head of the Scripture Union (the Christian club) and I can't discourage people from praying in assemblies, which was a point in the manifesto.

    My parents are also attempting to spring every punishment they can think of on me. Already I have had to delete the online copy of my manifesto and a video of me reading it (took me half an hour to do that, it's a long manifesto) and they are trying to restrict me from talking about religion in school or on Facebook, and they're trying to shut down a movement which I started to promote my ideals and recruit people to help (which nobody in my year has possessed the intelligence to understand and be interested). They're threatening to cut off my internet access, ban me from seeing the one friend I have in the world (who is a human, in case you're thinking I'm a shut-in who prefers the company of machines, or an animal enthusiast) and they're attempting to stop me from confronting my principal tomorrow.

    Because tomorrow, my principal shall call me to his office. I will take a seat. If he brings the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (I have a mild case of the ol' ass burgers), we shall sit at the fancy roundtable in his office, to ensure prominence to none. If not, I shall take a seat in front of his desk. He will ask me if I know why I am here. I will reply yes. He will ask why I am here. I will say it is because we both have demands, he wants me to apologize, I want him to put the school into a transition to an integrated, secular school (I say integrated because I live in a country where you either go to a Protestant school, a Catholic school, or a mixed school. Isn't Northern Ireland great?). He will argue this is not a situation for negotiation, I have offended a teacher and an organization within the school, I will counter-argue it is, because I have had to listen to 3 Easter Services where there was constant defamation of atheists, talk of the 'one who does not accept God' being weak, and if he read my manifesto he would know that. At that point, he will be successfully backed into an argumentative corner, with the only way out an unfair punishment on me which I will report, or compliance with my demands.

    After that, I plan to write a letter to Richard Dawkins about the turn of events. The King of Atheism himself is an influential one, capable of bringing change.

    So, Empire, when was the last time you had a horribly dark day where you spotted an opportunity to turn it around the following day?
  2. Don't take crap from anyone. Fight the power!
  3. Start a fire! .... I mean riot!
  4. Anarchy in the streets!
  5. Wait... can you make that a bit more simple? i didnt understand it.
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  6. Something tells me you will cause the next division of Ireland :p
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  7. Sounds like you have a pretty biased school and parents. Do what you feel what is right to do, no one should be ignored and forced to shut up because of their beliefs. Talk to your parents about what is happening from your point of view. If you still have a copy of your manifesto, I suggest backing up the files and such online, or give it to someone so that they could distribute it. If all else fails, come to 'MURICA! when you grow up and have the option of doing.
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  8. Total respect for this guy right here.
  9. This makes me respect you and you're lava walls much more. Your "parents" and "teachers" can tell you what to do, but they can't make you be like them. If your parents truly cared about your best interests, and your teachers too, they wouldn't shove their religion down your throat and would let you be yourself.
  10. You see my friends, this principal here, simply does not get it. He is completely biased towards one thing and not willing to open his mind up to the possibilities and thoughts of others.

    Most things, are on a spectrum, specifically debates. Your principal has taken the puny 6 year old position where he sinks his anchor into one spot on this spectrum and says, "this is right because i said so and everything else is wrong because i am right". In my honest opinion the strongest position to EVER be in during a debate or controversy is:

    "This is what I believe in at this point in time, now what do you think about [INSERT SUBJECT HERE]?"

    He also appears to be completely hypocritical. As a principal he should be open-minded and aware of all that goes on in the school. Punishes you basically insulting another race/religion, and doesn't care that you were insulted by school-planned events.

    I understand the frustration that you must be experiencing. Continue to stand up for yourself and what is truly moral and ethical.
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  11. Uhm... listen, I live in a country that claims to be secular yet it is way far from it. Religion is everywhere here, they stuff it down your throat in movies, TV or when you're taking a walk. I could not be more non religious than I am, because I had a childhood full of it, I believed for 2 long years and then, thanks to it, I learned to think by myself.

    People here say they respect you for acting like that, but I'm wondering... is there a real need to mention your teacher (even if you don't call her names) and judge her? And most importantly, if you don't want to be told what to do or think, why can you tell others what not to do or believe?

    Yes, I know some people nearly attack you with their faith and you get to the point where you'd like to throw it back, just as you probably do with that manifesto, but it's not the way. I'm not saying you should take your words back or not state your opinion, but what do you get with it?

    Ignore, respect, "show them your other cheek" and don't let them see you react, because the smallest effort you put in fighting them back gives them exactly what they are looking for: your attention. I long ago realized this. Works pretty much like trolls. DO NOT FEED THEM :p
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  12. Can i quote you on that one. Awesome one liner

    And Why can we get along, i mean, me and 72 are planing to take over the wild....I MEAN BUILD AN OUTPOST, and we just try to not talk about religion (as you can see, he is atheist, and i am a catholic). Both sides need to just shut up and not fores their views on the others. Christians and Hindus get along just fine in India.

    i would fight right next to him for them not to force religion on you tough. The other Catholic at ,y church in america are so... nano minded. Gues i just suck at it. Apparently using the word "God" in a trip hop song is a sin (in a positive manor too).

    The way i see it you are religious one of 2 reasons, you are week and accept anything you are told, or god saved you, gave you a purpose to live, a destiny, and you are just trying to repay the favor.
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  13. Exactly.

    I believe in God but I will not put someone down if they believe differently. I won't stand on a sidewalk and protest a funeral, shout that God hates ______, quote Bible verses at you or be a jerk. I try to get along with everyone. I get more offended at those who do make racist, bigoted remarks about others than the people they offend. I even defended an Atheist on this site against people in a thread. Everything I said from then on was twisted and mangled and I was called an Atheist just because I did what I felt was right.

    I'm not gonna come into this thread and try to preach at anyone or force people. I respect everyone so I expect the same respect in return.

    Volt I'm sorry you are having a rough time :(
  14. I'm Catholic but, I haven't gone to church in forever. Parents too busy... But I am still catholic unless I choose to be otherwise. And they would choose to accept that fact no matter what because I am their son. If I was gay they would accept me for that. Your parents and teachers need to change not you. You keep believing in what YOU believe in. If you believe God to not be real, so be it! Don't listen to others because at the end of the day, it's you that makes your own choice.
  15. I know what's it is like to have a terrible day 72.
  16. Im surprised jtc hasnt joined this riot xD
    Back on topic......

  17. Wow.. now this is very bias! Unfortunately you will have extremist of any spectrum who lose sight of what was 'meant' to be and become mad with power...
    FIght the power... This power causes corruption and ignorance (Christian or Atheist)
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  18. This.

    Believe what you want to believe in. It's unfair that someone at that school can say something bad about an atheist and not get into any sort of trouble, yet you say anything against the majority and they crack down on you like you're a wanted criminal. Some people need to open their eyes a bit more and realize that not everyone believes in the same thing.
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  19. I would write a long response, but I agree with most of what has already said, and don't really see a point in saying it again. With that in mind, I would just like to put in that as a Christian, I do believe in the separation of church and state and that everyone has a right to believe in. What's happening here sounds like these Christians are not living Biblically, similar to the Westboro Baptist Church, which I believe Pandaseatramen made a reference to. Please don't let Christians like these put you off from God, there are a lot of us who aren't like that :) Also, just like you are expecting them to let you live how you want and believe what you want, make sure you expect them to do the same.
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