The price of MC these days.

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  1. Have I missed a trick? When on earth did this game start costing £17?!

    I'm sure when I bought it I paid not only in dollars, but also about $10 or about £7.

    That's a lot of money for an old game!
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  2. Yeah the games price have risen alot..
    No idea why, maybe Mojang is poor xD ?
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  3. That was when it was beta. They were selling it for 'Half' the suggested retail price. Once the release came out, the prices doubled (+~25%).
  4. They just want money. Why does blizzard charge $15 a month. They have what 10 million players so that's like 150 million a month if I am correct. Then you have to pay like what $40 for an expansion pack that 10 million players buy? It's just stupid unless they are upgrading the game with that money.
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  5. ^

    And also Most studios make the DLCs with the money that they made the game!
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  6. Did we not just have an update? So they ARE upgrading the game!
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  7. I feel the price of MC today is pretty outrageous. It's no secret the company has made millions from it. Time to bring it down to that indie price level it should be at.

    I was looking on Origin the other day - the new Sim City is going to cost £64.... That is downright scandalous.
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  8. And you have to be connected to the internet to even play singleplayer... gotta love DRM
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  9. Maybe in ten years time when everybody is connected all of the time (Maybe more like twenty years?) they can get away with that, but it's just bull. It's easy to make a lot of money at a low price with no DRM - it's been proven countless times. It's the price barrier that encourage people to pirate a game.
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  10. Well, its the price barrier, which is caused by pirateing, which is caused by DRM/prices. There was a reddit AMA from the Maxis dev's about SimCity, and it pretty much turned from a 'We really want to know about your game!' to 'Your DRM is bad, and you Should feel bad'... it was interesting to say the least. And reddit is the last community you want hating you.
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  11. If a game is free no one will pirate it
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  12. When I bought Minecraft it was 20$ that was beta 1.2.
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  13. I bought it in the beta version. Where it wasn't worth so much. But they charge more money as the updates happen because the game is geting more developed.
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  14. I bought minecraft for $26.95 :eek:
  15. I bought Minecraft for $18.95
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  16. I bought both accounts for €20 (20 euro)
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  17. I got my MC for 10 dollers :p It was a special sale Mojang had for a day.
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  18. I don't believe you £64!

    also I got Minecraft for free when It first came out!

    EDIT: HOLY! what a rip off I wont be able to add that to my collection of Sims Citys gotta love SC 2000 XD
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  19. The price is decent. We're getting a top-class gaming experience however you look at it, why complain?
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  20. Close ^_^

    It was when it was alpha, in alpha it costed 10$ I think, and have rised since then :D
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