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  1. I will probably get a lot of hate for this thread, but today I'm here to talk about how the EMC community has changed in the past years. I was talking to a friend that has been with the EMC community for a long time and he is losing hope in EMC. The EMC community used to help each other out by building and donating to each other and having a real true time with each other. The players were not worried about money, they were worried about each other cause they cared about each other. (Not saying that doesn't happen now). Players today only worry about being at the top of the rupee chain. They want to have the highest amount of rupees that they can get their hands on. A little quote I heard a while ago " Their are VERY few real EMC gamers.", I personally find this true, you see people that yell and get angry cause you did something wrong or said something wrong... When honestly at the end of the day it's just a game and theirs no need to get super mad over something, at the end of the day just be happy that you EVEN have the chance to play MInecraft with friends and maybe family. I guess what I'm trying to say is that EMC to me now just feels like a simple race to who can get the most rupees and who can get them faster. Thank you for all of your time if you have read this.
    (Please respect my thoughts and don't be cruel to me about it)
  2. "The Old Days of EMC"

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  3. I respect your thoughts there scruf. I feel some players do tend to take things a little more seriously then say I would. But I also have seen and heard of players giving rupees away just because they can. Public builds being made purely for the community to use. And when someone asks in chat for help, or even a friend, they usually always get a positive response.

    We just tend to sometimes take the help, and goodwill for granted, and forget to share those experiences. I've seen more people posting about things they are upset about, then posts of things that have made them happy from their time in game.

    We just need those who received those nice experience to speak up about them and be as vocal about the good, as much as we've seen some speak out about their negative issues.

    So don't lose hope. Everyone hits a slump sometimes and feels down. It's seems that some players just need a pick me up ^_^
  4. I sort of agree, I have been on emc for almost a year now, and last year, the forums felt different. There were less auctions, more funny threads, and players appreciating donations/giveaways.
    I do remember lots of friendly players that welcomed me and showed me around the server last year, now I feel like I am the only one saying welcome. :/ But, there are still players that care about emc. Thats what is important.
  5. Oh good.... I haven't seen one of these threads this week.
  6. If you think that one year ago is "old EMC", boy, you have yet a lot to learn. ;)
  7. I was going off of both of out info. Not just mine, and Ive had this discussion with 7 other people that have been here for over 1300 days. They all have agreed to this topic.
  8. I would have to disagree. Whenever I have asked for help, I have had 1 or more people come and volunteer. But yes, everyone has a bit of a competitive side. I see where your coming from on the rupee side. But I see people donating rupees to new players and to people who need it for builds and who knows what. But in total I would say some people are how you describe in the OP, but as a hole the EMC community is very good and friendly. But that is a very rare number of people out of the many active members. So I say no to this.
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  9. Back in my day we didn't have the fancy numbers you have now. We had SMPI, SMPII, SMPIII, SMPIV, SMPV, SMPVI, SMPVII, SMPVIII, SMPIX, and Utopia.
    We had to walk uphill to get to and from the Empire server with nails in our feet.
    JustinGuy had slaves make the roads, some say that the bodies are still in the road.
    We used to be the Roman Empire, but after we were attacked for the last time, we had to run and start anew. #Remember #RomanEmpireMinecraft
  10. People will always be greedy with any capitalistic type society/server. If theres money involved, its ones desire to be over another. :/
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  11. Players come and go, but I think the mix of interests has not varied all that much in my time here. There was a time when Minecraft and everything here was new and exciting to me. I was learning new things about the game, exploring other people's creations, and meeting new people every day.

    I think you should consider that your perception of EMC's community has changed rather than the character of the community itself. You could try some new activity or help a new player get started and see if it changes the way you feel.
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  12. People have been saying this since 2012. For most, it's just nostalgia
  13. What annoys me the most is that I was never part of the 'old days', does this make me unhelpful, greedy for rupees and a bad member of the community?
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  14. EMC is built around 'play your way', and it's all about having fun. How players have fun is up to them. Some people have their fun by earning their rupees and making their way to the top.

    Nobody has an obligation to help anybody, especially in the form of donations and handouts.

    If you want to help people, you could give away your millions of rupees. After all, "players today only worry about being at the top of the rupee chain." Are you going to prove your statement correct?
    What defines an 'EMC gamer'?
    When people say things like this it bugs me to no end. Minecraft may be just a game, but EMC is a community.

    There is a reason to get very, very mad over something in a game. There are many reasons to get very mad over Minecraft.

    Next time your residence/wild base gets griefed, do you want someone saying "oh, it's just a game, get over it; you can rebuild" or do you want them to show some consideration?

    When someone has it out for you, should you just ignore the hatred and harassment because "at the end of the day it's just a game" and it doesn't really matter?

    When you spend an hour collecting materials and you die to something stupid like lag and can't respawn, is that not a reason to get even a little salty?

    No, these things make people angry. It may be just a game, but these things aren't supposed to happen and can make people very upset. Things happen that take the fun out of the game, and that sucks.

    Plus, that logic is very twisted. "It's only a game; why do you care so much about where the community went?"
    Your post was very hypocritical and contradicts itself many times.

    EMC has changed. EMC will continue to change. All players need to keep an open mind about the changes.

    That's all I have to say.
  15. Apparently.
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  16. Why do you let such insignificant things get to you? If it's just a game, then let them have their rupees. This is a play your way server, isn't it?

    I'd just like to know what a 'real EMC gamer' is though and what the rupee limit is before being removed from such title.
  17. Each to his own, but if this were largely true then wouldn't it make sense that we'd get to see less people spending and more people trying to make money?

    More so: wouldn't it make more sense for them to not bid on auctions and instead solely focus on selling themselves? Yet I don't really see that happening. Let's go over the auctions right now (time of writing): Salpal auctions a labor bench, current bid sits at 16k and several people (I count at least 6) have bid. Lapis Lazuli from RaiinNL. Just started a few minutes ago and already at a cool 5k. Bid from a seasoned player I might add. Then there's this auction for Obsidian by ignati: 96k.

    Plenty of people bidding for plenty of items. They wouldn't be doing that if their main intent was earning rupees I think. After all; earning rupees is easiest done through auctions. Now, I know that sometimes the auctions can also be a good way to get items for cheap(er) than in player shops. So yeah... 96k for one DC of obsidian, that's 27r per obby block or 444 per 16 items. Way more than you'd pay in a shop.

    I do agree that the forums seem a bit more quiet right now; most people tend to focus on auctions and we get less other threads. But that doesn't mean it's completely dried up; plenty of other active threads around.

    Which makes me wonder what it is you said or did?

    Not trying to be overly cynical here but for all I know you could have been spamming the town chat while people were having an interesting talk, they got annoyed with that and told you several times to stop and now you end up annoyed because of it.

    Do note: I am not saying that this is what happened, but your comment is a bit vague here.

    I do agree that some players can overdo the whole thing, but if you yourself already talk about doing something wrong... then pardon me for asking but why do that in the first place?

    Well, that would heavily depend on what this something is.

    If that 'something' is actually ruining peoples fun then I can well imagine that they'll get upset over that. But without knowing what this 'something' is there's no way for me to tell if what happened was justified or not.

    This is just my 2 cents but I get the impression that you're letting one or more less fun experiences get to you. And the problem with that is once you get a little negative about something then you risk only seeing the negative parts and stop concentrating on the good things.

    If 'something' got you negative reactions from several players then why not stop doing 'something' for the time being until you can come up with a better idea or other thing to do?

    As to your comments about EMC as a whole...

    I don't really see it. Sure, you will have moments when only 'greedy' players are online. Just like you'll have plenty where a larger variety of players will be present. I really don't see a major issue right now. Not in the likes which change EMC dramatically.
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  18. What he said XD EMC has changed far more when you compare it to 2011! JustinGuy (former admin) walked me to my residence! (that was possible back then, because town wasn't so humongous).

    Lot's of people left, lot's of people came. Thats how it goes :p


    Back when it was just / /!

    Waaayyy before SMP2 3 4 5 6 etc :p
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  19. I would have to respectfully disagree with this. Obviously on every server you are going to get the odd selfish ones or the greedy ones or even the mean ones. However on EMC I would say we have a great community. I'd say the majority of us want to help each other and they do respect each other. I've been on many server over the years, and they haven't been all that pleasant. There is no respect for anyone, no one helps each other, people are constantly spamming chat,and there are no such thing as staff! To be honest we're pretty lucky to have found this server. So, to conclude, as I said above, you're going to get those types of people on every server you go on, no matter what. We just have to kind of rise above them, and just ignore them in a way, if they annoy you. You are entitled to your opinion, and so am I. Rant over!
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    Playing for almost 4 years now on EMC. Yes there might be more auctions, more people building shops and stuff. But thats only because it got more accessable. We got the wiki now and more complete help features. All together stuff got easier. Auctions also werent that common in the past. When it got a thing only a few people picked it up. Not many people checked for auctions and there for prices didnt go as high. Now its more well known and works better so obviously it increases. HOWEVER is it all about rupee? Nowadays we have bosses, events like lava floor, fishing, mining and UHC. You know what people did in the past if they havent had enough creativity to make their own build/ survival project? They stopped playing! Because there was nothing. Which is mostly why we havent had so many of these kinds of *enter swear word of your choice* threads these players were gone. No one entertained people like its the case today. Yes JustinGuy might have found time to do some public service like walking people to his res like Eclipsys said. But if we want that... sure lets just skip out on ALL events. Lets not do ANY contests anymore. And no more seasonal stuff. Lets only have half the staff work on moderating (Like it was back then). And then Im sure EMC has the rescources again for stuff like that.

    People (even the most uncreative) have goals on emc now. They have several choices what they can do (Explore in different difficulty setting, interact with the community in several events and win special prices, compete in contests and YES try to get rich). And yet you people proclaim "you loose hope in EMC"? People dont help each other? Well I sure wouldnt help out people that talk like that about EMC. Id avoid being around you altogether. On my current project I have a list of several people ready to donate ANYTHING I need. In fact the most common last sentence I get when somone visits my res is: "Tell me if you need anything" THE MOST COMMON RESPONSE! I know from half my friend list on emc that they are CURRENTLY busy in a project which is not their own and for which they do get NO payments. If you dont get any help on EMC then you are not worth the help. Why could that be?

    Heres my hitlist for help request fails:
    1. Please donate to stock my shop (Yay lets donate stuff to that guy in order for HIM to get HIS shop running! Sure my hard work mining will end up as HIS profit! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!)
    2. Please donate rupee and materials to my project idea, where I havent contributed myself a single block yet.
    3. Can you please remove the whole dirt on my res while I go to drop partys and have fun. Also heres your 50rupee payment now hurry up I payed you!
    4. Can someone build me a nice residence, dont have rupee though

    Think thats a bit mean? Think you are getting hate only because you said whats on your mind? Well any staff reading this post might feel like you do now. These people that work on their hobby (yes it is work when you cant play 10 mins without having to go anywhere to deal with people that couldnt behave if their life was on the line) have to read about how you are unsatisfied that EMC isnt as awesome as your unrealistic fantasy dictates. Appreciate what you get on EMC for free or yes you will get hate for threads like that. Because there are player that know how to appreciate.

    And if your next post is about how mean Hasorko is and not anymore about EMC Im more than okay with that.
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