The Official GTA 5 Picture Thread!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by lameidl, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Here you can post pictures of some of your favorite things in GTA V! it can be an underwater shipwreck or a car! Completely up to you! I shall start us off.
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  2. How did you take these pictures may I ask? :)
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  3. I didn't I foofled them.
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  4. Oh my god thats to funny to edit "Googled".
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  5. Notably, a lot of GTA pictures aren't kid-appropriate....
  6. I suggest using spoilers for any non-appropriate images, and a warning above it so people know what they are opening :)
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  7. Then you place them in a spoiler :)
    EDIT: FDNY'd...
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  8. Well I don't plan to post any of those.
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  9. Mythgtavg.png
    I always love going to the ghost
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    I think someone might have been shooting at me....
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    Trains and vans don't mix very well
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    This game is ridiculously pretty sometimes
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  11. only because I'm a legitimate multi millionaire and have the best apartment view :) 0_0.jpg
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  13. Were you one of the smart guys who got the second most expensive apartment because of the better views?
  14. Apparently I am afraid of underwater places.
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    *X Files Theme*
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    *X Files Theme Continues*
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    Never noticed this...
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  15. Which one do you think has the best view? I like Weazel Plaza 101 myself.
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  16. I haven't looked at those but I think Mount Chiliad has the best view in the game you can see the city from there.
  17. Chiliad definitely has some amazing views.
    view from chilliad.jpg
    I think we were talking specifically about which apartment has the best view though.
  18. It still amazes me that these views look so realistic.
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  19. Yeah, it's incredible just how much game they managed to squeeze out of the PS3/Xbox, I can't even imagine what they would do with next gen.
  20. I am a good pilot :p EDIT: This is ontop of the maze bank building
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    GTA 5 never ceases to amaze me
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