The Official EMC Militia Thread

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  1. Welcome to the Official EMC Militia Thread

    About Us:

    Welcome everyone to the Official EMC Militia Thread. We are a new group of players and shop owners on SMP9 that just want to help each other out and profit from the economy. We plan on working on projects together, doing group mining, hunting, farming, and just about anything else that you can think of.


    Should you have any questions or concerns please visit and visit the forums there. You can also message napoloen3665 or marklea for help too.


    If you would like to join, please visit this link and fill out the application.

    Future Planning:

    We also have a residence 18009 on SMP9 that we have access to, should we need a place to build something, or host an event. This residence is owned by napoleon3665, so rest assured, its not going anywhere. We are in the works of planning scheduled activities. Please be patient as we are still working out the kinks.

    Members List:

    I'm going to keep a list posted here of all current members and their ranks. This will be updated very frequently.

    Founder: Napoleon3665

    Sergeant: Marklea

    Officers: King_u_Magicz, SkipFlanigan, Blood_Money69, Ants4235

    Senior Members: Cooldude6048, Big_Al_The_Great, Creeper3846, Wolves, ErikRodhi, JoJofry1294, Kritacul, Joeedwards1

    Members: Apple247, LeaR98, Gibby50, Puppy_Power9, Primescary, Pokadot22, Supermac4235, Lordriley, DannyV02159, CoolGuy1967, Hollowmad, Matthofman, Clickon1, CoolDude6048, Pablo67340, KingofCreeperz1, Fuzzray, MineMeetsRoblox, H3021301, Breezykthebomb, Gamer_Girl11, Stevei901

    Recruits: Technopath26, Silverdj141414, Beilinsonboys, Hand___Grenade, Jakepelant33, Thingymabober, MC_OVERLORD, Deafcon52, Coolguy1967, NetherSpecter

    EDIT: This member list is not up to date. For a full member list, please consult the official EMC Militia Website.

    Any other questions should be directed to this thread where either myself, marklea, or an officer will answer them promptly.

  2. Also, to those who would like to put up a sign at their shop, representing the Militia. Heres how i suggest to put it.

    This Shop
    is Endorsed
    by the
    &2EMC &2Militia

    The &2 is important because it makes the letters green, which is our color.
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  3. I will join.
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  4. Congrats Apple, you are now a member of the EMC Militia. Please dont forget to put up your sign to represent your group. Thanks!
  5. By the way, you don't have to put the color code on every word if it's on the same line. ;)
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  6. ooooh, sorry. ive been used to making signs with many different color words on the same line that i guess its just habit, lol.
  7. i already talked to justin about joining and so on but not on list yet so yea im all in for it but ive updated my mc so i wont be on until emc updates their servers.... spoiler alert enchantment books :p
  8. So you want to do a 72Volt? He wanted the ownership of dirt and you want to 'regulate' the economy, so you want to be the sole supplier?
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  9. not necessarilly, the idea here is to regulate prices, see if most of the people that are in this group keep their prices around the same for certain items, and if we control the majority of the items on the market, then the prices are going to lean towards what we set them to be.
  10. sorry ants, didnt get a chance to look at the forum for a day, you're added to the list now. Congrats!
  11. A bit like 72Volt. You want control of ITEMX to change the price to what you want.
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  12. So you're trying to control the economy?
    That's even worse.
  13. Interesting, although getting enough items for a majority will be pretty hard if it's not something extremely limited like dragon eggs.
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  14. No matter what you try, I'm afraid Aikar is going to ruin the economy, and this militia won't do anything.
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  15. ok ok everyone, let me rephrase this. i would like to "attempt" to regulate prices on my server, doesnt mean its going to happen. also, even if it doesnt work, who cares? lol its pretty much a group to help people out, hold group events, and have a good time. its just a sub community on smp9, thats all we are shooting for here.
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  16. I'm sure that particular thread was a joke that shaunwhite and the rest of EMC decided they'd take badly...
    That leans more towards S5MEP-era behaviour, that is indeed pulling a Volt.

    As for what you're doing, Napoleon, you can't do it. Not because you'll get banned, but because it's almost impossible. There's no way to invest or capitalise properly, meaning you cannot buy shops, a requirement for a hypothetical EMC economy. Empire Minecraft was designed with participation and perfect competition in mind, it's foundationally protected against monopolies and oligopolies.
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  17. This sounds interesting, as if enough players with well visited shops that have reasonable stock and pricing that are the same, others may settle around that price as well. I recall thats what Leowaste did on SMP2.
    As for the other things that other people seem be ignoring, it sounds like a fun group. But sadly because of my activities on SMP9 I cannot join ATM.
  18. Thanks, hopefully if we grow we will be able to expand to other servers. im just keeping it to smp9 for now so it doesnt get too complex for us. it seems to be enough to keep up with atm, lol.
  19. Everyone welcome Zackfreedle to the emc militia!

  20. Marklea is now an Officer of the EMC Militia. Congrats!