The Mine: Possibilities

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What server should the mine be on? If, the project does happen?

Poll closed Aug 22, 2013.
1 12 vote(s) 21.8%
2 5 vote(s) 9.1%
3 4 vote(s) 7.3%
4 7 vote(s) 12.7%
5 2 vote(s) 3.6%
6 6 vote(s) 10.9%
7 3 vote(s) 5.5%
8 3 vote(s) 5.5%
9 6 vote(s) 10.9%
Utopia 7 vote(s) 12.7%


    Hey Guys! Brick here :) Now I have come up with a great idea, dubbed the mine. Now why the mine you may ask? Well, if it's going to be a big project, similar to the wall, a simple name would be the mine :p
    So, what exactly is this idea? Well, this is an idea to have a huge mine out in the wilderness. It will first start off with a 600 x 600 quarry down to bedrock. This quarry will be the base to the actual mine. We'll have teams of four dig down on a grid, only digging a 60 by 60 quarry at a time. This is because it is a lot easier to dig down in a checkerboard pattern, then in a huge block. In the dug out quarry, there will be 4 levels to mine at, at supported by wooden planks and beams. The lowest level will be 4 tunnels, to optimize diamond mining.
    The levels above will be just strip mines for iron, coal, and possibly gold.
    Now, above the mine, there will be a fence to make sure no one will fall in.
    I have a few more ideas on this project, and I would like to here what y'all think about it ;) Thanks!

    Application (required):
    How long have you been on EMC?

    What will you contribute to the project?
    Have you ever been banned? (not temp banned, unless it was serious)
    If so, why?


    Update #1: After Talking to I_Like_a_pig, I decided that the best server to have the mine on, is Utopia. Now, there are several reasons for this. 1) Utopia is supporter only, meaning there would be a lot less greifing, to none almost. 2) No fall damage. This will help in case someone falls off into the quarries dug out. 3) it is always day time. Torches would not be a big issue because of this. We would only need torches for the tunnels. Now, with this comes another idea, why not have a town next to the Quarry to give out plots of land for houses and storage? It would be something a lot easier to build, and can have farms for public use. And, after this update, Piggeh is a "manager" of the project because I need help on this >.>

    Update #2
    After thinking on some things, I realize that this project will leave a huge empty gap in the middle of the quarry. I think I am going to create town inside the quarry itself, and ask some friends to build a mod trap for loot. Hopefully this works out okay, and doesn't affect any thing to major >.> Now on to other matters, lava. Lots and lots of lava. There is going to be a TON of lava in this project, and lava is a really great source of fuel. But, when placed down, it is dangerous... Can anyone come up with a way to prevent from dying while the mine is being dug out?
    Now, I tested out how big the quarry will be on a single player world, and it is really huge... That's why I am thinking of almost cutting in half the size of the quarry. So instead of a 600 x 600, a 360 x 360. It's still a quite a lot of blocks, however, it's a lot less than before... I would like to here what you guy's think about me changing this. Now, when this is being dug out, I was thinking about making 2 very small quarries in a place where the tunnels won't be. For instance a 20 by 20 and 60 by 60. Now, which ever one is larger, only dig halfway. Just something to have fun with :p

    Update #3
    After some discussion, the building process of the mine has a rough draft. We will dig down in 40 x 40 quarries down to the first layer bedrock is seen. Void fog will not be an issue, as I plan on getting Optifine to see better >.> Now, the reason we think 40 by 40 is better then 10 by 10, is because there would be a grid of 9 40x40 by 9 40x40 (360) And it would be easy to do one a day. Now, for the town idea on sea level, that could still happen, but only as a storage as we dig down. So, when a day is done, we can see all the goods we collected ;) After the initial quarry is dug, the actual town will be planned out, followed by the construction of the support beams and walking paths. Will be adding onto this, as more discussion takes place.

    Update #4
    Application has changed and server change will be decided on the poll.
  2. And what year do you plan for this to be finished lol?
    That sound like a lot of work, a 600x600 quarry even 60 blocks deep would be 21.6 million blocks
  3. SMP9, because if this happens, there is a lot of cheap, new player labor there.
  4. ;3 Think about how much profit would be made there lol. It's a mine, it doesn't have to be rushed. The Wall took like 1 year and 2 months to get started :p (or finished can't remember which >.<)
    It could be smaller, but that's my vision :/
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  5. >.>
    I think that the best smp to have this on would be 6, because it gets lonely there and possibly on 3. But, in terms of players, you are correct, smp 1 and 9 would be the best for labor.
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  6. SMP6!
  7. Not to be the downer or anything but, I think a lot of people would rather strip mine. For the first 10 levels of stone will be nothing but coal. And 10 levels will still take some serious serious time.
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  8. I like the idea of a huge, community run mine. But mining just everything seems too much work. Why not work out something underground? Infrastructure and access can still be on the surface.
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  9. Umm lol. This will be a strip mine. Just at first, a huge quarry ;p
    This could possibly work, but, the amount of torches needed would be immense.
  10. Bumps ;3 I want to here what others have to think
  11. Sounds like a good idea to me! :)
  12. One thing to say...


    I wouldn't mind getting in on a project like that
  13. You are going to mine somewhere anyway. If you want to do something more than strip mine it, more power to you.

    The only suggestion I would make is that you strip mine the lower levels of the initial shaft first or start it far enough out to make access difficult. Otherwise, once you've made the area safe to work in, someone's likely to slip in and mine it out from under you leaving you a bunch of dirt, stone, and holes.
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  14. It would take around 4,612 Unbreaking III Diamond Pickaxes to mine all that out. Why don't you just start out 60x60, and then expand further and further?
  15. Im in.
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  16. *bribes Aikar with code for WE* Oh wut wut, nothing to see here :rolleyes:
    :p Nah, I'm just kidding. If it takes that much diamonds to mine it, I'm sure with silk touch and fortune, it would be compensated for >.<
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  17. I'd actually be really interested to start this like right now.
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  18. :D Well, that's good to hear <3
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  19. This could be very successful!
  20. This thread gets a watch;)
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