The Empire's Classy New Spawns

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I figured I would let the majority of you be surprised on your own before making a public thread that is on the front page. Well, most of you have seen them, so it's time to give a formal introduction of our Christmas Eve surprise:
    New Town Spawns!

    These multi-level buildings are the hub of each server and this update added quite a lot. On the top floor, you will find teleports to each of the worlds you can explore. On the second floor (heading downstairs) you will find server teleports, so you don't even have to type the command /smp to change servers if you don't want to.

    On the second floor, there is also a teleport to the new and improved flag shop. Currently, no flags are for sale because we were up into the wee hours of the morning moving everything. However, krysyyjane9191 will be restocking the American, Canadian, and German flags soon as well as a new addition to the collection. You'll notice the new flag shop has plenty of room for expansion so you can expect some more flags to fill it up. =)

    There are plenty of things to discover and we hope that you enjoy them! Take the time and congratulate your amazing Empire Build Team on a job well done. :)

    -Empire Staff
  2. Reserved for Aikar's additional info about updates that were included last night.
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  3. Cool Krysyy! <3

    edit: first
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  4. OP ive seen it!
  5. Nice work! Was on late last night when you guys were working on it. :D
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  6. looks so different
  7. Dirty! Can't wait to see them.
  8. Ohhhhh AHHHHHH TOWN SPAWN(Wonders if SMP2's is Doctor Who themed?)
  9. Going to have to get used to these, but they have a lot more style, good job! :)
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  10. Yea looking great. Good job build team and staff
  11. Looks great! :)
  12. Yesterday night, I log onto 8, spawn at /town and it's completely normal. 30 something minutes later, I decide to go to /town again after walking around smp8, nearly ready to go to bed (it was about 5am my time). I run the command and suddenly everything is fancier and prettier, I was like "did I spawn on someone's residence or something?". Ended up staying awake until 7:30am. Awesome job guys, it looks great.
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  13. It look great guys! Boom babe! Your in the Butter Zone!
  14. The town spawns need use flag set to true for all, the buttons in secret areas hold stories to them
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  15. Good catch, looks like those weren't changed...I seem to be forgetful at 3 am =P
    I'll fix while stocking the flag shops this afternoon.
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  16. I love the work that went into it. I have some questions and concerns
    I noticed the signs, one says Frontier Nether and the other says Frontier Spawn. It would make more sense if it were Frontier Overworld and Frontier Nether or something.

    I immediately noticed, as shown in the above picture, that the place is not symmetrical. (Bushes on one side, clean on the other). Is that on purpose or...?
    Second thing I noticed, the item frames. Is that for fun or accident?
    Third thing, I am wondering why you chose mossy cobble for the pot with the bushes. I do know that everybody's taste in style is different and I respect that, but for my taste I would make it follow the floor pattern.

    Other than me just being very picky, the Town looks 200% better and I applaud the Build Team and their efforts to construct this masterpiece of a Town spawn.

    One other note: Can we add the PRA back for the Town Frontier and have some quarterly resets for it? The teleport to the Frontier subtly says "It's going to be beautiful!" and then when we go though the teleporter we see tons of giant holes and nerd poles..

    I noticed that there is no Tutorial teleporter?
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  17. Loggin on soon to see it!
  18. The item frames were an issue with the paste. The bushes are being fixed per server. I think I did server 1 last night before realizing the time.

    Mossy cobble is part of the design. Each person has their preference. The people on the build team that made this possible chose the cobble.If you would like to question their design, feel free to apply for the team yourself.

    The Frontier Spawn one is supposed to say Frontier Wilderness. Someone might have gotten distracted. I noticed it last night too, but OMG I didn't want to look at another sign at that time=P

    The PRA for Frontier is not part of this update, but I think that is a question you should ask Aikar. I was going around and manually cleaning up, but only got through bits and pieces before holiday plans took precedent.
  19. I started crying. It's been too long, I can't handle this change. I CAN'T HANDLE IT.
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  20. these spawns are AWESOME! :) are they permanent?