The Empire Museums Thread!

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  1. Some of you may remember this thread, the old Empire Museums Thread. However, now it is back, with a new design and simplified way of applying your museums and displaying information. Take a look around!

    Welcome to the thread for Empire Minecraft Museums!

    The Museums listed below are filled with rare items and information for all of you to see! Come on, discover new items and learn something new today by visiting one of these great Museums that are listed below!

    SMP1 - /v 1011 by Faithcaster (1011 Museum Thread)
    A spectacular museum with lots of flowing and unique designs with as much character as the items within. Lots of rare and interesting items on display for all to see!

    SMP2 -
    SMP3 -
    SMP4 -
    SMP5 -
    SMP6 - /v 12004 by finch_rocks_1 (Under Construction)
    Under Construction

    SMP7 - /v 14006 and /v 14002 by Mman (14006 Museum Thread)
    14006, a statuesque building worthy of any town spawn that resides by SMP7's spawn area with many unique and exciting promos that people can view and get to grips with! You can also visit 14002 where some of the rarest of items are shown off by Mman! (14006 pictured below)

    SMP8 - /v 16500 by Hashhog (16500 Museum Thread)
    A beautifully built structure with very vibrant techniques, a very recognizable shape with a range of items for all to see and learn about in interesting ways!

    SMP9 - /v 18200 by FDNY21 (18200 Museum Thread)
    A colossal structure with a variety of flowing techniques located at the heart of SMP9 on the residence 18200 with lots of rare items and information that people can explore!

    If you wish for your Museum to be advertised on this Empire Museums thread for a certain server which has not got a Museum yet, please private message both FDNY21 and Faithcaster in one conversation with relevant information on the Museum, such as what the residence number of it is so that we can check it out and other key details! We can then get back to you and see if we think that your Museum is fit for the role on that server.

    Thread and idea originally set up by Faithcaster and FDNY21.

    EXTRA INFORMATION: The Empire Museum chain is not associated with EMC Staff, the Empire Museum chain is a collaboration of approved Museum owners on the Empire by other Museum owners.
  2. Just added the links to the threads of each of the current Museums that are displayed.

    Reserved for future use.
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  3. Added small two line descriptions to each spoiler for the Museums, if any owner would like to change this two line description then they can PM me with the changes! Thanks :)
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  4. The SMP1 Museum is currently closed as Faithcaster is leaving, at least for a while. This has been mentioned next to the Museum's mentioning in the original post.

    You may still PM Faithcaster and I to apply for your Museum to be on here though, as Faith shall still be active on forums somewhat :)
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  5. No, please no D: Musea :3
    Do you know why he closed his museum? While he's away, why can't it remain open?
  6. He closed it because he is going for a while, it can't remain open because he cannot update it with all of the new promos and items and so forth, which is a shame but we hope to see it back up and open again one day in the future! :)
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  7. La Grande Exposaria has now been added back to the list, welcome back, Faithcaster! :)
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  8. Welcome the recently new 16500 EMC Museum, operated by hashhog3000 on SMP8 to the Empire Museums Thread! It's a truly great Museum, make sure you check it out! I've updated some of the descriptions and fixed some things, so the thread should be in tip top condition now! :)
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  9. I now have 14006 for promos and 14002 for rare items, both are still on smp7
  10. Would you still like 14006 on there on its own or would you like me to add something about 14002 to the description?
  11. Up to you, I still need to add some of the newer promos to 14006, maybe just say rare items are at 14002 in the description.
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  12. Updated description, if you'd like it changed again then just ask! Thanks for the update :)
  13. Updated the original post, added Finch to SMP6, his museum is currently under construction so that will be updated more eventaully :)
  14. A note to all that Faithcaster's Museum on SMP1 is currently closed - the other museums are all open, apart from Finch's which is still under construction but is coming on nicely and I can assure you that it will be a great museum when finished so it's worth the wait! :)
  15. It's been a while since I've update this thread, but I think it's an important central hub for everyone to look at so they know what museums are available. I've gone through and updated names, if there's anything I missed then let me know.

    18200, 16500 and 1011 have all recently been updated, so now is a great time to visit! Both 14002 and 14006 are still going on strong too, and I strongly advise you take a look at all the items on offer there!

    I'm not sure what happened to Finch's project on SMP6, it's still being built by the looks of it. I've kept it on the list for now. Hopefully that turns into a flourishing museum one day. :)
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