La Grande Exposaria Museum

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  1. La Grande Exposaria @ /V 1011 - SMP1!

    Target by a museum is to teach new players and old EMC Veterans about every single EMC Custom Item. You could call it a 3-D version of the EMC wiki, where you really get to see the things close up, and maybe learn extra from what you would have learned reading the wiki-post. There are many things in there already, and there comes new items every day to the Exposaria. I do my best to keep everything as up to date as possible, and give every player the best experience possible.

    I am always looking for Custom Items that I can buy, trade or possibly borrow. Send a private message on the page or inside the game, if you have one of those things that is missing in the museum. If you wish to donate it can be done either by sending me a number of rupees, or by sending me stuff through the mail system in the game. Every donation helps me to keep the museum up and running in the best possible strength.

    Feel free to visit any time, I will be adding items as I collect them. Make sure you PM me if you have anything you want to sell/trade/loan!
  2. Update #1
    • Added fancy back to TeleHub
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  3. Update #2
    • Added Diamond Voting Pickaxe
    • Added Diamond Voting Sword
    • Added Voting Fishing Rod
    • Fixed a few issues with grammar in some of the museum information books.
    • Placed a few missing buttons on some of the displays.
    A thanks to Kephras!
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  4. So you need rupees eh? (I'm sadly broke) if you need like 1-3k I could give you it :)
  5. Ive had a look its pretty good :D
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  6. Update #3
    • Added Arena Blade
    • Added Purple People Party Paper
    • Fixed a few issues with grammar in some of the museum information books.
  7. Very nice Faith!
  8. 5k donation coming your way
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  9. Well done faith getting there with everything, good luck with the rest :D
  10. I have paid you 500r as a donation :)
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  11. Update #4
    • Added Aikar's PvP Head to Floor 2
    • Community Defender to Floor 2
    • Fixed more grammar errors in information books.
  12. Rupees have been donated, I'd love to see you get every special item up in your museum :p
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  13. Update #5
    • Added Iron Block of Clickyness to Floor 2
    • Added Max Residence Voucher to Floor 4
    • Added Perm Derelict Protection Voucher to Floor 4
    • Fixed a grammar error in the Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock information book.
  14. Update #5½
    • Updated Staff Heads section.
    A congratulations to all four of you from Faithcaster :)
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  15. Update #6

    • Added a new and lovely display stand for the upcoming Labor Day Promotional Item(s)!
    • Removed the 2013 Birthday Cake as it was force claimed back by Olaf_C
    • Added DrewRadio & weeh666 to the Staff Heads section
    • Removed ignoramoose & battmeghs from the Staff Heads section
    • Fixed minor issues in the actual construction.
    • Made a new fancy setup for the museum updates with new fonts, text colors and a bold "Update #"
  16. Getting there buddy, keep it up :)
  17. Update #7
    • As 1.8 fixed the Original Dragon Egg bug, with them not being shiny, I've added it in an item frame at /v 1011 on floor 7 ;)

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  18. The thread says La Grande and your signature says Le Grande. My everything is confused.
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  19. Only you would notice this :I
  20. The museum is called La Grande Exposaria as dictated by the thread title and the res message, so I'm guessing the signature is a typo. :)
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