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  1. This thread is now outdated and another has taken its place.

    Hello and welcome to the thread for
    Empire Museums!

    These Museums are filled to the brim with rare items and accompanying information for all of you to see! Come on and discover something today by taking a look below to see which Museum you would like to visit! :)

    SMP1 - /v 1011 by Faithcaster (1011 Museum thread)

    SMP2 -
    SMP3 -
    SMP4 -
    SMP5 -
    SMP6 -
    SMP7 - /v 14006 by mman2832 (14006 Museum Thread)

    SMP8 -
    SMP9 - /v 18200 by FDNY21 (18200 Museum thread)

    If you wish to apply for your Museum to be the Official Empire Museum for a certain server, please fill out this application so that Faithcaster and I can get on it and get to work on filling this list up!

    ~Set up by Faithcaster and FDNY21

    Disclaimer: this is not overseen by EMC staff and is purely operated by Museum owners. :)
  2. Sounds cool, I look forward to viewing some of the museums that end up on this list! :)
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  3. I might turn my mall into a museum and a mall, not sure though.
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  4. What makes these official?
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  5. Where's SMP2? :confused:
  6. After applying and being assessed on certain criteria, the Museums will be judged on their usefulness to the community and innovative design to make it the Museum that represents that server on this list, basically :D
    I broke SMP2, my bad ;)
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  7. How dare you!
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  8. Would my player head museum count?
  9. It was originally on there but I accidentally got rid of it when doing Faith's spoiler (I broke the spoiler at first) :p
    Part of the application form is do you have all the promos and another part is do you have any super rares to show at the Museum - so the answer is probably no for that I am afraid :( It may not make it to this list but the Museum is great! (and a very large collection...)
  10. Um I don't really feel like filling out the form so I'll just post here.
    Both have you have seen my museum and know I have every promo plus some rares. If you guys wanna add it cool, if not cool.
  11. I know you are renovating too at the minute - drop us a PM, application or reply to this thread when you have the museum up again and I am sure you will get onto the list. ;)

    *Claps for Unknownian liking the post on all of his accounts. :p*
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  12. It will be back up no later than tomorrow, I know all the items will be displayed in about 2 hours but I have like 25 more books to write
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  13. So aren't us 3 the only ones with museums that are open to the public and complete?
  14. hopefully, i will make one on smp2, but for now yes you guys are the only ones.
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  15. Our three are the only ones I can think of... I am busy most of today so I will add your Museum to the list tonight/tomorrow but I shall get it up there :D
  16. Thanks, sorry about not filling out the app, but it seemed kinda silly if us 3 are the only ones who even can apply.
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  17. Currently yes, the App was mainly for future Museum appliers, though Faith and I wanted to see if the App worked well by you filling it out first :p If you don't want to then that's fine - I know the caliber of your Museum and it will be up there no matter if you apply or not :)
  18. Great
  19. All the items are up, i just need to write the rest of the books and add the buttons in.
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  20. Very nice application. However, perhaps for some of the longer answers (what makes your museum the best, how will you update it, etc.) maybe you should use the paragraph format for answers, as this allows the writer to view their full answer (unless it is extremely long). Just a suggestion. :)