EMC Museum Now Open!

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Greatest Museum Ever?

Yes 17 vote(s) 40.5%
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 vote(s) 59.5%
  1. As the title say the EMC Museum at 14006 on SMP7 is now open. Come stop by and check out all the cool promos as well as some super rare items! 2014-02-28_21.04.37.png 2014-02-28_21.04.44.png 2014-02-28_21.05.06.png 2014-02-28_21.06.04.png 2014-02-28_21.06.12.png
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  2. Cool. have added this to the hall of info. and will come check it out asap :)
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  3. Bump got some $ now and hoping to buy another rare item.
  4. So beautiful....
    No words.....
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  5. aw thanks, it's taken a while but I'm glad to see at least the building done.
  6. Dragons egg.... Wait whenever the wastelands reset, does the end reset and the ender dragon spawn again? If yes, then the dragon egg may be cheaper in a few months/years
  7. I miss aCookieGod's museum. I placed a block in it.
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  8. I believe the waste end portals lead to the wild's end therefore no...
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  9. I'm not totally sure about the portals but I know that the only way to get a dragon egg right now is to buy one. However I believe when dragon tombs comes our you can get the with challenger tokens
  10. It does reset the End, but, ender dragons were prevented from spawning.
  11. It looks awesome mman! Lots of history and detail in the museum, I like it :)
  12. I saw the museum appx a week ago and was literally astounded , give you full props man
  13. New rare item coming soon!
  14. Oooo.... FDNY has some competition now :p
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  15. The newest addition to the museum, stop by to see what the melons are about
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  16. As far as I am aware, me and mman are trying to work together on this, and our museums I believe are in the same chain. :)

    Me and mman2832 discussed a 'chain' of museums idea, and we both agreed it would be good, so perhaps there is more to come on that mman? :D
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  17. I hope so, we might as well call both of them the EMC Museum, yours is just curated by you and mine by me. And I'll keep telling you about any rare items I think you may want.
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  18. And I think we should discuss more about bringing a museum to every SMP.
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  19. I agree - both of the museums are in the chain, but yours is yours and mine is mine. :)
    Perhaps we could have different people doing one on each SMP, I believe I suggested that before, but that is up for discussion, as you mention.
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  20. I completely agree, if anyone wants to make a museum let us know and I can help you look for promos and stuff.
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