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  1. Located on 16500, SMP8 (additional displays on the connecting 16499)

    Owned and operated by Hashhog
    16500 Museum: Primary design by AlexC__, smaller portions by Hashhog
    16499 Museum Annex: Designed by Hashhog using elements directly taken from AlexC__'s 16500 design

    About the 16500 Museum
    16500 is the first major museum to display its items first via Preview signs and now via the chest preview flag. To view an item and all of its lore, type /tpreview in chat and make sure it says [ENABLED]. You can then right click chests in the museum to preview the items inside. To view a short informational blurb about the item, click the button below the chest.

    Our selection of items includes promotional items, special mob drops, Voters items, starter gear, super-rare items, event items, and more.

    Note: Image is slightly outdated – Voting Items have since been combined with the floor below and replaced by Promos (2020)

    Recent Updates

    Recent major update (Update 27 -- The Time for 2020 Update) may be found at THIS LINK.
    • New item stands are now in use. You will have to have your /tpreview preference ENABLED in order to see our items! Check post for details.
    • Over 6 months' worth of items added.
    • Some floor restructuring, fun additions to the wild items floor, and a brand new cinnamon bun hut with tasty snacks for sale!
    Currently Buying
    I am currently buying the following items:
    Currently looking for:
    • Independence Helmet
    • Venom variants
    • Vindicator and Illusioner heads
    Prices are negotiable. Please private message me offers. Note that Senior Staff accounts cannot participate in the economy.If any transactions occur, all will be done through my alt, which maintains a legitimate rupee balance.

    Donation Policy
    As museums are expensive to run, we accept any and all donations. Rupee donations may be made to GoldenHashhog. Please let me know if you donate so I may add you to the list below.

    Huge thanks to Hoi, jrm531, Mman, AyanamiKun, ShelLuser, Agent_Creeper23, Allicanto, FadedMartian, and Dufne for their donations.

    Other Museums
    The Empire has a number of fantastic museums for you to visit. Note that 16500 offers an honorary award, the 16500 Diamond Award, to museums that exemplify large advances in EMC Museum knowledge/technique or that are particularly excellent points of visitation. These museums below are denoted with a small Diamond Museum picture. More of these awards will be given out in the future.
    The following museums are great places to visit when you have some free time and have much to contribute to EMC:
    • God_Of_Gods - SMP5 - 10838
    • Mman - SMP7 - 14006
    • FDNY21 - SMP9 - 18200
    • ThaKloned - Utopia - 5006
    If you would like your museum to be considered for the list above, please private message Hashhog with all relevant information, and I will take a look.

    The 16500 has evolved quite a lot through the ages, starting as an ugly sandstone cube displaying facts about swamps and ending as a beautiful sandstone monolith displaying an array of the Empire’s special items laid out for all of EMC to enjoy. My goal is to educate the EMC about the various and many custom items that we have here. I also, of course, hope to entertain you.

    Thank you, and enjoy your time.
  2. Will be sure to check it out :) Sounds awesome.
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  3. Yay!
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  4. Had a look around and the place looks awesome! Love the stand ideas and all of the information, the structure is great too, nice to see another Museum popping up on another server!

    Perhaps I'll have to add it to the Empire Museums Thread that I have... Speaking of threads, was linking ACInc's old Architecture thread at the bottom of your post intentional? :p
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  5. Thanks! And no, that was not intentional. :p I meant to link the Empire Museums thing, but I copied and pasted the wrong thing. :p
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  6. I rate this museum 20 playing cards/2 playing card (basically it's the bee's knees).
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  7. Are you looking to buy any rares?
    If so, are you interested in buying the old version of a gold voucher, and roughly how much for?

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  8. If you Need a Perm Protection Voucher, I can Loan one to you for a few Months Under Contract. I have one loaned to mman's Museum as well. Just let me know, :)
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  9. I plan to buy one of those at some point, but I'll probably be buying the diamond version for OCD reasons. :p Thanks, though.
    I'll shoot you a private message later today. :) Thanks! :D
  10. Bump for museum lovers. <3 Huge thanks to finch_rocks_1 for loaning a Permanent Derelict Voucher! I'll be putting it up tomorrow, as I haven't had time to make a stand. :oops:
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  11. MUSEUM UPDATE #1 - Major Shifting

    Part 1 - New Items on Display!
    • Pi Pie (2015 Promo Items)
    • Permanent Derelict Protection, donated by finch_rocks_1 (Vouchers)
    • Community Defender (Contest/Award Items)
    • hashhog3000's Certificate (Contest/Award Items)
    Part 2 - Shifting of Items!
    • Avalauncher moved to Vouchers floor, which is now the Token Items and Vouchers floor.
    • Empire Builder's Wand, Block of Clickyness, and Empire Games Medal moved to new Contest/Award Items floor.
    • Event Items floor shifted around due to the moving of the other items, so it now as a lot more space!
    Part 3 - Future Plans!
    • Gift Shop - A new room is going to be built to house the gift shop. Books are in the works. :)
    • Donation Room - There will also soon be an area where you can donate items and view donors/loaners. :)
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  12. Museum Update #2 - St. Patrick's Day Update

    Part 1 - New Items on Display!
    • Pot of Gold added in the extra stand I had conveniently set up on the 2015 Promotional Item floor. :p
    Part 2 - Update on Gift Shop plans!
    • In the process of writing two books for the gift shop, Promo Pricing and Museum History.
    Part 3 - Thread Updates
    • Update log added.
    • Update log split into Mini Update and Major Update categories.
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  13. Anything in particular you require?
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  14. Museum Update #3 - epic0258 Update

    Part 1 - New Items on Display!
    • Several items were loaned to the museum by epic0258, hence the name of the update. These items will be on display until epic0258 decides to reclaim them.
      • Momentus's Toothpick - Mob Drops and Wild Items
      • Marlix's Leggings - Mob Drops and Wild Items
      • Marlix's Bow - Mob Drops and Wild Items
      • Purple Krysyyjane Head - Event/Misc Items
      • Purple People Party Paper - Event/Misc Items
      • Rose Bouquet - Contest/Award Items
    • BlackKnight1021's head added to the Mob/Staff Heads + Flags floor.
    Part 2 - Looking to Purchase Certain Items!
    • Despite the recent loans, I am still looking to purchase the following items for the museum:
      • Momentus's Toothpick
      • Marlix's Leggings
      • Marlix's Bow
    Part 3 - Thread Updates
    • Update log removed due to spoilers being incredibly troublesome.
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  15. well i'm happy to help :p
  16. Museum Update #4 - FDNY21 Update

    Part 1 - New Museum Addition!
    • For a long, long time, I have asked for a statue of myself in the middle of FDNY21's museum lobby. However, it occurred to me earlier that if I want any such statue, Fendy probably would like the same courtesy. So, in honor of his beauty and greatness, I have installed a FDNY21 statue as a permanent fixture of the museum.
    • An altar/steps was also added in front of the new statue so you will have a designated area to gaze upon it with love and wonder.
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  17. This is the best thing that I have ever seen *sniff* Though I am guessing that the "permanent fixture" part was for April Fool's, and it's just up for today? ;)
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  18. And possibly tomorrow. :p Depends when I have time to rip it down.
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  19. :oops:
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  20. Altar screams 'sacrifice' in my ears - is there such a thing? ;)
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