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  4. Museum Update #25 - The Presidential Update

    New Items Added
    • Friendship Blossom added
    • Love Blossom added
    • Happiness Blossom added
    • Presidential Pen added
  5. Museum Update #25 - The Pride Update

    This is a small update, but it is an important one to me. As I'm sure you have noticed, Pride Month is now 10 days underway, and countless companies are taking the opportunity to, frankly put, capitalize on this event by smearing their logos and webpages with pride flags.

    The 16500 Museum does now include pride flags for the month, but our motive is a little bit different.

    While I don't personally have an issue with these companies using the flag for monetary gain (money is money), I do want to make it clear that this isn't why I have elected to add in some of the flags to the museum for the month. While I speak of it rarely offline and have only spoken on it to the staff team here on EMC, I am bisexual, and while I don't typically think of it as something that affects my daily life, dealing with that and coming to terms with it was certainly a big force in my life in my younger years, and now living in a more conservative area, I again have felt the pressure of society that reminds me why we need to celebrate these things to begin with.

    As such, I have thus elected to have the 16500 Museum participate in this tradition for once, changing the floor colors to match the bisexual flag and adding the more general flags throughout. It is important to me that we continue to make players feel welcome on our server. We have a fantastic community here, and everyone should feel free to be themselves both in our community and in their real lives.

    This is one of the few times I have ever spoken on this issue. I am an activist for many things, but when it comes to my sexuality, I typically prefer to keep things private. That said, this has played enough of a part in my life that on behalf of anyone else who has struggled with such issues on EMC, I did want to give a semi-quiet word on this issue. Know that my inbox is always open to anyone who needs it. Please remember to keep controversial material in the appropriate places (though my inbox can certainly be one of them if you do need to talk about something).

    Thank you.

    Oh, and come check out our new items! #ShamelessPlug

    Part 1 - Pride Month Celebration
    • Pride flags added in Museum lobbies
    • Floor colors on res 16500 changed to represent the bisexual flag
    Part 2 - New Items
    • Added 2019 New Year Aikar Head
      • Combined all New Year Aikar Heads into one item stand
    • Added 2019 New Year Krysyy Head
    • Added Carrot Cake Topper