The EMC dev. team might be more active than you realize...

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  1. Hi gang!

    The original title which I had planned for this thread was: "Just because you don't "see" them doesn't mean that the devs. aren't active" but that turned out too long, 'tis late here so I didn't feel like rephrasing, and here you go.

    So today my friend and me were finishing up on a small large project I'm working on: in-door tree farm. Nothing too special or spectacular, but more on that later (and in the appropriate forum). I gave my friend build & container permissions, and as always I simply typed it all out because that's usually faster for me: /res pset ayana<tab> build,container t. Perfect.

    Right now we're pretty much done, all which remains is setting up proper lighting, so I decided to remove the flags. Like I said: its late, so instead of typing (after all that digging and build clicking and such) I figured... /res cpset ayanamikun.

    Here's the thing: the build and container flags were always "grouped" together in the upper right corner of the chest interface. Click, click and you were done. Yeah, with the emphasis on 'were':

    Notice anything different? ;)

    And not to worry; this isn't a rant about "what happened to the chest interface?!", this is a rant about: "look at how awesome this whole thing is becoming!".

    See that water bottle up there? I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that's the new addition to the flag system: "Buffs". What this does? It allows me to control which buffs are available to a player instead of simply turning them all on or off.

    I got a nice 3-way beacon on my res.: Speed II, Haste II and Jump Boost II. Now, my friend tells me that she's getting seasick of the speed + jump boost. We can't have that, now can we?

    Only showing you one flag here, the other is on the second page. But this is how easy it is. Simply left click until the led is red and you have denied the flag. So this is how it looks like on Aya's end:

    Only the Haste effect is active...

    The plan was to pose next to my 3 beacons, but Aya had to leave.... But yeah... Has anyone of you noticed this already? ;)

    Like I said above: just because you don't see it doesn't mean that nothing is happening here... I know that land protection & dragon tombs are the hot topics, but surely you guys can also see how this fits into that whole thing?

    The Empire is getting bigger and badder (in a good way!), just one step at a time....
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  2. GG Devs
    And thanks Shel for bringing that interface up its new to me too, WOW.

    And lol you do have the longest posts :)
    And are the friendliest/nicest person as well.
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  3. thumbs up
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  4. The chest interface is the best addition to residence flags. Thanks devs! =D
    And thanks to Shel for pointing this out. :)
  5. Yeah this is actually one of the coolest things ever, since now you don't need to memorize or write down dozens of commands and such. So props to peeps who made this + the update telling you how much mail is in your mailbox
  6. Oh. This interface is a new thing to me. Iiiiinteresting.
  7. But... we need to complain...

    How dare the dev team implement this and not inform us! They are horrible! :p
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  8. They have informed us about this though, lol. I've been using it for setting up way too many admin flags on way too many residences, and it has saved me so much time :p
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