The difference between US and UK Ebola coverage

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  1. Warning: Contains language :p

  2. You [insert nasty name here]! I just linked you to that!
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  7. That was hilarious and true.
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  8. Yeah watched it a few nights ago on iplayer was so funny. But not funny in a way also for Ebola is a serious thing and it shouldn't be taken lightly.
  9. They contrast an interview of some American dumbass with a British Virologist and the American news clips were pretty much tabloid sources. I expected when I saw SoulPunisher posted a thread it was probably going to be a poke at stupid Americans. We have our share, but if you don't watch out, you're going to end up on the no-fly list, buddy.
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  10. Oh wow xD
  11. Yes; because seeing something I found funny on a show that's meant to take the mickey out of things and sharing it is definitely 'poking fun' at 'stupid' Americans.
    FYI I poke fun at where I live and other countries all the time; not just America. In fact, I poke fun at my own country and its government more than I do with the US.
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  12. You poke at America more than anything, and you're poking at ebola, ebola is not something to joke about. In this generation I could say because you posted this video, this video is making a joke about ebola, and ebola is killing thousands in Africa, Africa is mostly black, which means you're racist. Now I wouldn't say this, and I hope no one here will... but many people would. The world sucks right now.
  13. Whatever you want to call it, you seem to think you are rather well informed about them:
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  14. I am just going to throw my weightless opinion out there. This whole Ebola "scare" is full of crap. Unless you are a nurse who has to treat a patient with Ebola, your chances of ever contracting it are far less than most sources of death. Every time something like this happens in the world, the media pounces on the opportunity to create a scare. Why do they do this? Because if you are scared of something, you want to be well informed about it to make sure you can protect yourself. How do you stay informed? You let the same media sources that feed you crap to feed you more crap, all the while feeding you ads and sponsored information. They make money off your fear. If they were to broadcast the non-exaggerated story, then you wouldn't give it a second worrying thought, and thus you would be less likely to watch their cover of it, which leads to less profits.

  15. But really - what? How does that make him a racist? If anything - the video has nothing to do about insulting Americans or Ebola but just that different parts of the world are reacting differently. Remember - the show (Russell Howard's Good News) is a British TV show meaning it's going to be tailored towards British humour which is to insult everyone and everything.
  16. I had turned 13 seventeen days before. I was still thinking like a 12 year old and I disliked America's people. Now that I've matured (not a lot :p) I dislike your government, not your people.
    I had genuinely just turned 12.
    Again, I was 12 c:
    Informing a person who didn't know who someone was makes me well-informed about a country as a whole? K den.
    I poke at my own government more than anything. My profile is 90% bashing the English government.

    Ebola has been killing people in Africa for hundreds of years and the moment it begins to spread to other countries, and everyone else is joking about it, i'm a racist and am not allowed to share a video which was aired on a government-owned channel?

    Again; k den.
  17. I agree Pab10s.. most of those comments seems like quick Google searched answers. I say that because most of those are stereotypical ideas from someone who doesn't know the American people are as a whole or even individuality's of each state, region, county, so on so on.
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  18. Guys, give Soul a break. This thread was posted to be funny, and I did find it quite funny (pretty sure a lot of you guys did too). But this shows how much things can get exaggerated, the amount of people in America who reacted like total nutjobs towards Ebola is a lot less than assumed, it just gets publicised quickly. There's probably people here in the UK hiding in the bunkers waiting till this all passes over too. So don't hate on Soul, this was meant to be funny.
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  19. *Watches thread*

    Ironic because BBC is funded by the taxpayer, which you might already know and they just kind of broke their no-ad policy (if you can even call it that).

    Russell Howard's Good News is a comedy, and he does often poke fun at other countries, but more often than not our own (the UK). Seems like some people have blown it out of proportion a little bit.
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  20. I meant ads on sites. Now all I am getting is healthcare stuff lol.:p
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