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  1. Bill Clinton is love! Bill Clinton is life!

    Do you know what EMC needs more of? BILL "Da Killa" Clinton!!! Help Mrlegitislegit and I conduct a Bill Clinton EMC takeover! Make your statuses Bill Clinton related, and the same with your pictures! Spread the word, it is a new day for Bill Clinton!!!!

    Why should you love Bill Clinton:

    Bill Clinton is president number 42. The best of the 2 digit numbers. He is an man who did those things in that office for those people. He faced impeachment only once and cheated on his wife. He is a normal man likes you, who believes in martians and has a library named after him, with secret service security until he dies. Who would not love a man who did those things in that place while holding that position?!?!

    Share your clinton pics and your love for him below!
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  2. reserved
  3. Why?
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  4. The real question is why not.
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  5. This thread is missing the poll so I can select "Oh, hell no."
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    Sorry, I just had to make that joke...

    Screw your Bill Clinton, I want a David Cameron takeover so I punch my screen. I mean, just look at this face, how can you not want to stab it a million times?;

    He left his kid in a Taxi because he 'forgot about her'. She was missing for 2 hours :confused: I wonder what else he's forgot to do when he's running a country...
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  7. Who's Bill Clinton?
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  8. While I loved the economy during the 90's, Bill Clinton is a major reason we had the recession in 2008-2009.

    He repealed the Glass-Steagall Act portion of FDR's New Deal, which prohibited commercial banks from participating in the investment banking business. Thus allowing banks to become, "Too big to fail", and sell toxic assets (underpriced homes that were given high ratings due to bribes) to people with low income jobs. This created the housing bubble. All these bad deals the banks made, led to a massive chunk of those homes becoming foreclosed, making the housing bubble burst. The economy tanked. almost 9 million jobs were lost and unemployment shot up to 10%.

    He also ignored threats from terrorist organizations, which ended up becoming true, as the World Trade Center was attacked in 1993. He also had information about the 9/11 plot, yet also did nothing about it and passed it on to Bush Jr., who did nothing to help prevent it as well.
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  9. He was a president of the United States during the 90's who was succeeded by George Bush. He cheated on his wife with Monica Lewinsky, an intern at the White House. He wasn't a bad president, but the way he...did...certain things was certainly screwed and he ended up causing a recession during 2008.

    Whatever, Tony Blair FTW!
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  10. For most people, politics are regional tribalism and the only reason they support one political party over the other is because of where they live. Just like they support the sports team closest to their home. Most people also give a pass to the leaders of their "team" when they make mistakes and magnify the mistakes of leaders of the other "team". Neither party has all the right answers and neither party has perfect leaders. But when we consider only one party to be "American" and the other party to be "evil", then democracy breaks down. Democracy requires compromise with other people's ideas and respect between political parties and with people who have different religions and economic backgrounds or physical characteristics.
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  11. And that's why I no longer vote. The 2 party system is complete hogwash. No other party can really run, since the Left and Right have made it a money game. You need to be able to spend close to a BILLION dollars to even make the ballot.

    It's nothing but smear campaigns and saying what the people want to hear to earn the vote, with no actual plan to do what they say. It's billions of dollars being wasted on wolves in sheeps clothing. We are forced to vote between the lesser of 2 evils/shiniest of 2 turds.

    The people who are actually wanting to make real changes in politics, are forced out, held down, given very limited camera time (Ron Paul), and at the most extreme, taken out permanently.

    When money is removed from politics, I'll cast my vote again.
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  12. Not to sound rude, but hopefully this isn't gonna be "the thing"
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  13. Democracy is one of the world problems.
  14. how is this funny?
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  15. Let's talk about this picture.
    • Why are his pants unzipped during war? Was he about to take them off when robots started attacking and the women tripped and fell to his feet feeling hopeless?
    • Ronald McDonald is the real hero. Fighting for obesity and crap. (back left)
    • Wait, is he fighting Robots and Aliens or Robotic Aliens? I can see 2 UFOs and a robot head.
    • The Alligator. That is possibly the most epic thing on the picture.
  16. Bill Clinton was the best of the two digits indeed. That legend brought us to a surplus, then this thing called Bush happened.

    This post is dedicated to you, Bill. #500.
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