The cat's out of the bag! ;)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ShelLuser, Apr 1, 2020.

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  1. Hi gang!

    Oh dear, what are you guys up to now (yes, YOU anonymous sneaky EMC webmaster! :eek:).

    You pranked me, and you pranked me good :D

    For those of us who are now wondering what I am rambling about this time... well...

    So here I was... I was just getting more used to a new company phone (Samsung Galaxy S10) which use has become mandatory (at least for now) because the phone is used to authenticate yourself and unlock sections of the main building I now temporarily live in for a part of the week (long story, can't / won't go into details). So right now I carry 2 phones but since I'm back home right now I can probably move all my stuff over later this week.

    Anyway... I was in an empty train going home and was checking up on the EMC website when I noticed that cat popping up all the time. Because I recently started using Edge there (also because it links to my Surface, another long story) I first figured that it was a Microsoft prank. Also because the cat would always pop up whenever the Edge toolbar was visible (this auto hides).

    So I texted a colleague and told them about the cat and the toolbar... "Prob. MS pranking us", I said to him to which he responded: "Not on that phone they're not, that's a custom update" which made it even more mysterious (note: I'm well within my right to use company stuff for leisure activities).

    But now that I'm back home and I see that same weird cat pop up in Opera (but only on EMC) I finally got the clue :D

    Seriously... your April prank is a lot better than R*'s if you ask me. All they did was turn on the snow in GTAO again (or so I read on Steam) and blech... Guess the jokes on them because I'm going to hop onto EMC in a few moments (need to get some food from the store first) instead of my weekly GTAO session.

    Nice going guys! :)
  2. Cat? What cat?
    I see Fred.
  3. i used to have a cat named Fred :p
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  4. They even randomized it? That makes it even funnier!
  5. Fred has always been there dude
  6. Be one with the Fred, for he is the most majestic, the most powerful, destroyer of worlds.
  7. oh dear ;) First time I noticed it, so I immediately assumed it was an April 1st prank. Hmm... then it's probably because my regular browser has several ad & pop-up filters. Well, at least I already know how to turn it off again ;)

    So if I defeat Fred and send him back to his litterbox then that would make me even more powerful, right? ;)

    Oh dear, such huge responsibilities all of a sudden :D

    (edit) PS... Guess the joke is on me then ;) lol!
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  8. Huh. Fred.

    I thought it was moople.
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  9. I didn't even notice it and I was on forums for a good five minutes before I noticed this thread... xD Screenshotted.
  10. I noticed Fred, didn't connect him to the date. But I get it now, at least he's a harmless prank.
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  11. I liked it too! I think it would be more effective if it wouldn't appear as often, though. Less people might see it, but for those who would it would be stranger. It turns up several times a minute now, that makes it pretty easy to figure out it's EMC.
    Still cute. :) Although I don't know who 'Fred' is.
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  12. lol, I don't even see it. And I'm also using Edge on PC ^.^
  13. *pops in* Obey Me! - Fred the Cat 2020
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  14. fred is faded's furry, fluffly, and flexible frand
  15. <need to get more bonemeal>

    Wait... that's probably what you don't want! Sorry, just getting back into the game again (Aya: quick, hide the composter!) :p
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  16. Lol I didn't see it either until I opened this thread.

    *slightly horrified* =0
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  17. For a real special treat, try clicking the cat.
  18. So I am clicking on your profile but nothing happens? :confused:

    Don't tell me wrong cat?
  19. wrong cat
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