The Car Love Thread!

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  1. Cool mate, glad you drop by... have subscribed to the chanel but will take time to check out the videos... :)

    Also Here`s my Jeep in the mean time.
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  2. Yoooo, dude if you do that, I'm curious to see if you'll get any OG players to return to participate πŸ‘€
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  3. In the past people got angry about necro-bumped threads. But apparently that sentiment has faded :)
  4. I guess a lot of the OG members are still lingering haha

    Same as me :p
  5. I wonder if there are still members with membernumbers below 1000 active!

    I still wear my 190 with pride :D
  6. Good. I always thought that was a silly thing to get angry about.
  7. Thank you! Yes there are a fair few now, haha! Looking good :D YJ is the best!

    Possibly! I'll probably just do it through forums, I've donated a lot of stuff already

    The Car Love thread never dies :cool:

  8. Last year, when I lived at my older apartment (before I moved to my current one), I was waiting for the train at the train station across the street during a hot day near 110ΒΊF. I got to see this beaut parked across the street! :D

    Later last year, while waiting for the bus, the traffic light was red and traffic began to back up into the street past the bus station. That's when I got this image of this one! πŸ‘€ Thankfully it was much cooler that day! :D
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  9. If you didn't know, that's a 1948 Buick Special. That's one Sweet Ride!
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  10. I had noticed you had gained a bit of a following! Very nice to see. :)
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  11. Both beautiful cars, that Buick has some real presence! Love the lines on older cars like these!
    It's going really well to be fair, onwards and upwards for the channel! Almost at 1.8 now :D
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