The Arctic Fox Invasion.

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  1. It all started when a wee baby hashhog3000 had an idea. He would make his profile picture an arctic fox.
    He then planted the idea in my head, and my picture magically became another arctic fox.
    The idea then spread to DJ__Krazy, our third warrior.

    Our goal: To take over the world with adorable photos of arctic foxes.

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  2. And a fifth!! :p
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  3. Nah, I couldn't possibly part from Piwi. I wish you luck, though!
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  4. Does mine count? :) It said it was an arctic fox pup, didn't look very white to me, but it was cute so...
  5. FDNY, thatd be a pup in Summer Coat Color :D
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  6. Does it count or do I need to change it to be a bit more arctic-like? :p
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  7. ... This thread got to me... :D Am I one with an Arctic Fox now? =P
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  8. Well FDNY, its still a Vulpes Lagopus, just different Pigments in the Fur

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  9. I'll take that as it counts ;)
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  10. It's official. I no longer trust the Empire to be able to survive without my constant love and supervision.
    (Though I do fully embrace this beautiful fox army that seems to be accumulating :p)
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  11. I am not a fox. Sorry. I am a bird, the golden finch :D
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  12. I'd love to, but I couldn't leave my beautiful eagle in a suit. The eagle movement shall be victorious!
  13. Why don't you do the same thing I did? =P
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  14. Caden, it's time to let the Suited Animal Movement go. The Artic Fox Invasion (AFI) will be the new and improved 2015 version of the SAM.
    I figured I'd better add a gif for Caden because foxes are fun, and gifs are fun, so there was only one thing to be done! This one felt appropriate.

    Also, I am now Equinoxing (liking every post of) this thread, just because it's amazing enough to deserve the honor.
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  15. It depends. =P What'd you do?
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  16. Agent_Creeper23 stuck a fox in the corner of his avatar. Not hardcore foxing, but better than nothing if you ask me. :)
  17. I'm with you guys!!! :)

    (Foxes are related to dogs right?)
  18. I just layered the images.

    Shhh ;-;
    i'm supporting AFI =P
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  19. Grrr... I guess I can put a little fox in the corner of my avatar as well. =P If you insist so strongly.

    EDIT: Done! Is it pretty? =P
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  20. We now have an army of nine! We nine shall take over the world! :D
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