The Arctic Fox Invasion.

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  1. How you put a fox in it?
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  2. Like mine, I just layered the two pictures. I used =P

    Or like Cadens, erase the background of the fox image then layer the image to your profile image. Both works. :3
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  3. Hash...

    What have you done, Hash?
  4. I used Adobe Photoshop, and used the magnetic lasso to cut out the fox and paste it into my regular avatar. However, I am sure that whatever Creepe posted up there works as well. :)
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  5. I have looked at the loyal but plain members of the Empire, and I have taken it upon myself to make them beautiful. <3
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  6. the captain has joined afi
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  7. Behold!!! Spiderman + Arctic Fox = awesomeness :)
  8. I have changed my avatar to suit myself much better, as I am now fully endorsed in the AFI. <3

    EDIT: Excuse the bad Photoshop skills. I made this in 5 minutes or less.
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  9. *sniffle*

    I thought you loved me for who I am. I thought you were different from the others!
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  10. I'm close enough, right? xD
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  11. You're not close enough until that cat is an arctic fox. :p

    I did love you, Kephras. Now I just love you more! :)
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  12. It was love at first fox noise...
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  13. *tries to resist*
  14. You will lose everyone to the fox side! :)
  15. I did not know about this :confused:
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  16. Everyone knows that arctic foxes can communicate by both telepathy and signals that only can be heard subconsciously. The arctics can also fly, shoot laser beams from their eyes, defecate rainbows, and make an extra large bean burrito using only a sledgehammer and a block of swiss cheese.
  17. *sigh* Very well, then.

    I took a page out of cadenman2002's book and combined the AFI and SAM worlds into one. :)
  18. And everyone knows that my kind can fly.
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  19. Everyone knows? Haha... When pigs fly... :rolleyes:
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