The Anti-Torch Movement

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Do you accept your responsibility to stop the use of torches and promote equality?

I will sacrifice my use of torches for the equality of all peoples on Empire Minecraft. 10 vote(s) 20.0%
I reject fairness and embrace the ability to show my superiority. 40 vote(s) 80.0%
  1. The Anti-Torch Movement

    Since its creation, Empire Minecraft has suffered from a plight of unfairness and lack of empathy.
    The culprit is none other than:

    The Torch

    Torches have provided the dark light of insecurity among the people of the Empire for over three years.
    This ignorance should not be allowed to roam free, feasting on the flesh of the innocent!

    Here you all are, your eyes soaking in the light of the Torch.
    You are privileged to have such luxuries.
    Not everyone has the same opportunities as you do.
    The poor, the new, the returning; all are coated in the tar of darkness and depression.

    In order to reach the equality the Empire deserves, we must all throw away our privileges and our titles!
    Your Rank or Time does not affect what you could do for your fellow players,
    for if one player cannot have light, then nobody can!

    I call upon the People of the Empire to throw away the light, and embrace the darkness!
    Fight the Monsters, do not prevent their spawns.
    Establish a foundation of Fairness to build the future generations of Empirians!

    The light does not always guide us to righteousness.
    I call upon the People of the Empire to stand with me, and to stop this foolishness!
    As a torch extinguishes, a new light--of equality, of happiness--rises from the ashes.

    As the Empire descends into darkness, a life of egalitarianism awaits.

    Extinguish a torch: Make EMC fair!
    If you wish to show your support of the Anti-Torch Movement, we request you change your avatar to the following image:

  2. Reserved.
  3. Without Light I can't give a Bright Statement

  4. I'm not going to ask, I'm just going to silently judge you. :p
  5. Fine i won't use torchs but ill use glowestone an redstone lamps :p
  6. I will no longer use torches to light up things! I will no longer use them to stop mobs from spawning!

    ...I'll use lava and slabs. :p
  7. *Torches house using torches with a torch*
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  8. What kind of minecraft propaganda is this?!
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  9. i use dynamic lights mod and headless horseman mask(jack o lantern) when exploring. torches are for pumpkins not players!
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  10. Turn the gamma settings in the game files higher and everything will be super bright and you'll never have to use any light source, you can be a cat trust me
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  11. Don't forget sea lanterns!
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  12. That too xD
  13. Thats not allowed to be honest. It gives you an unfair advantage to other players....
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  14. "The dark side of the Craft is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural" - Miner Sidious

    There is a dark side to all this (obviously). Torches light up areas, lit areas stop light updates, light updates add to lag.

    So you're basically asking us to sabotage the Empire, exactly something I'd expect from a Miner :D

    "At last we will reveal ourselves to the redstone, at last we will have revenge!" - Miner Maul.

    Oh well, since I'm on a roll....

    Why I say all this? For my ally is the redstone, and a powerful ally it is. Automation creates it, makes it work. It's energy surrounds us and binds us.. Reddish beings are we! Not this blocky matter... You must feel the redstone!

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  15. WAY COOL parody! <bows to the master>
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  16. .... Can we still use redstone torches? ;)
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  17. I'll try my best.... until I run out of sea lanterns. Literally JUST purchased a DC of em.
  18. What have we come to?