Thank you for your service, Maxarias.

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  1. Hi everybody. Today, I just heard about some really sad news. I heard Maxarias quit EMC, and is no longer a staff member on the forums, but I heard in-game she still is. I would like to thank her for her service, she did a great job.

    To Maxarias: Thank you for your service, Maxarias. EMC could not have made it without you. I'm sad that you're retired because I thought you were a big part of our community. Some people told me you quit to hang with your husband, Aikar. Well I think that's awesome! You go girl ;)
  2. Did she not conclude her presence within the community over a year ago?
    and couldn't this just be a message on her profile?
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  3. I believe she just got tired/bored of Minecraft.
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  4. tired...bored..
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  5. didnt she leave like a year ago
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  6. She held a staff title until two weeks ago.
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  7. I don't have access to her profile.
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  8. Why make a new thread when there is already one?
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  9. I didn't know there was one.
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  11. I'm not sure why some people feel the need to be hateful in almost every thread they comment on. It's as if some of them specifically check your threads to say something rude to you. I think it's nice that you're thanking her for her service. I only talked to her in game once the whole time I've been here but she was a very nice person.
  12. I never met her in game
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