Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips

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  1. Tracked with microchips?

    I'm a human, not a dog.
  2. HAHA if that happened to me id leave the district.
  3. 'MERICA!

    This is why I like Canada.
  4. Did you guys hear that they refuse lunch if you dont have your ID.
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  5. Like your student ID card? with ur name, student ID, picture, grade, etc.?
  6. Personally, though it would suck as a student, I can see this being ok as long as it stayed on the school grounds only. If the system allowed tracking outside of the school - I smell an invasion of privacy suit.

    I live, and went to high school in texas. I'm pretty sure I'd carry the ID, but in a lead lined / alumawallet.
  7. If you dont have that ID, they will refuse lunch to you, But isnt that against the law?
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  8. No, i doubt it is against the law, but i can see they want it for reduced or free lunch programs, like some of my friends have.
  9. Granted this was 6 years ago :( but we we're required to use our student ID to buy our lunches. You would pay to an account and then use the ID card to debit that account during lunch.
  10. Our school you have an account and a pin #, there are number pads to type in you number and thats it.
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  11. I'm calling England!
  12. I would not allow my children to go to a school where they want to track them. my children are human beings and not animals. This is just wrong on so many levels. :( it makes me sad to know that things have come to this point.
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  13. I have a cashless system at school. We put our finger on a scanning device, insert money and pay with another scanning device. You don't have a cashless account, they will refuse to give you lunch. They said it was optional, they forced it on us and the fingerprints are sent off to the government and deleted from the school system.

    The hospital already has my blood in a jar from 2010, I thought that would be enough for them...
    Sorry for being the nerd and evolution geek that I am, but humans are animals, just smarter than any other.
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  14. I think we had something like that at my school, except that you scanned your finger instead, no cards.
    The morning register was done like that too.
    Release the swans! :p
  15. Well, there you go lol, that's exactly what my school had.
  16. But it's stupid. It clogs the dinner Que up, sometimes it robs the money, and the people that monitor it are cheeky little gits.
    They say 'You have no proof you put the money in, therefore, you didn't put the money in and are just trying to rob us to get fat'.
  17. I live in Texas and went to high school here as well. I don't see this making a huge impact in class attendance in either direction. There were a lot of truancies, people skipping out on class, sneaking away to do things they shouldn't be doing in my school, but I honestly don't think it will make that much of a difference. Sure it will make the kids with guilty consciences stay in class(like they leave anyways:rolleyes: *points at myself*), but the "hoodlums," as they were referred to wouldn't care either way and would continue doing what ever it was they were doing. They'd just put the card somewhere off of their person until they actually had a use for it, such as getting lunch.
  18. Yep, at the same time, our school had a new building built, in there was a new canteen, which was SMALLER than the old one, which didn't help.
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  19. ...my school adopted a system where you have to enter your Student ID. It made everything more efficient...
    This is a public school, I just feel weird when other people are talking about what schools they go to, my school is quiet and efficient. Weird.