Temporarily Disappearing

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  1. Hello, fellow Empirians.

    I don't need a break from EMC. I'm not getting too much of it, it's not impacting my grades, I don't have any issues with my family - honestly, my life is going wonderful! I got a girlfriend, I'm happy, and I don't think I could be any better. If anything, I don't spend enough time on the forums. Which brings me to my following point.

    I will be taking a 5 month to a year hiatus. A few people whom I am very close with already know this. I may get on the forums a few times to check alerts, but you won't know that or see that. So, consider this a year long disappearance.

    I feel as if I want to see the future of EMC without enduring day after day of sitting here stagnantly. In be time I would have been sitting on the forums scolling up and down, I will be doing this in real life. I want to live life to the max.

    I guess you could almost call this a "Caden leaving AMA". I'm not leaving. Oh, no. I wouldn't ditch you guys. The community here is better than any other server ever. But I will be absent for up to a year. Do not expect me to answer PMs, posts on my profile, or... Well, just about anything.

    To conclude, I'd like to thank a few people specifically who have helped me through my journey and why.

    Olaf_C - you are my main inspiration. You are honestly my go-to guy for anything ever. I appreciate your listening to my desperate rants about good places to buy suits, and having the patience to endure all my... That word's not allowed on the forums? Oh, sorry. Anyways, you're an awesome dude, and I hope we can Skype and talk one day.

    Dufne - we go way back. I remember when I first moved to SMP8. You greeted me like some sort of long lost uncle, taking me into the fluffy wings of SMP8. Hell, I may have not even been here without you. Thank you so much for being there.

    Starpuncher (as I know you) - you always give me a good laugh on skype. Thank you for all your jokes about... That's not appropriate for the forums either? Damn. Sorry.

    Hashhog - DUDE. I LOVE YOU. I never thought I'd get to know the guy that once accidentally trapped a senior staff member on my residence underground, or the man himself who bombarded my house with unicorns and pretty princess houses. We've been through a ton together and I honestly hope we can stay in touch. Stay pretty, my creepy fisherman. :)

    Nfell - uncountable rants have happened with you, my fellow human, and I don't know how I'd be here without them. Thank you so much for being there to talk to when the call to action comes whether it be about maple syrup or about... Other things.

    MagisterDelirus/_Ulti - you two were the first two to introduce me to SMP8, which was the greatest decision of my life. P.S: Matt, you still owe me a beacon.

    Kephras - my literaty inspiration. Half of our conversations on steam and Skype should be barely considered legal, but you're still one of the most mature and friendly tigers I know in the world (not that I know many mature friendly tigers). Thanks, dude, for being there when I need a backup tiger.

    I may have left out a few people as I'm insanely tired and I have a long day ahead of me, but I may edit tomorrow if I feel I left some people out.

    I guess you might even call this an AMA... Feel free to ask me some stuff in the comments and I'll answer within the next two weeks. After that, I'll just disappear like a flower in the wind. Does that make sense? Do flowers disappear in the wind? Probably not.

    I am so off topic.

    Either way, I will be gone two weeks after this post. Feel free to ask me anything below and I'll respond. A very few select people also know that I'll still be around in one way or another... But you'll see about that in the long term.

    Thank you, EMC, for being with me the entire way.

    I'm nostalgic already.

    Later. :)
  2. I never did this ಠ_ಠ

    On a completely unrelated note, you may want to thank Rhythmicaly for that instead. :]
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  3. See? It's not just me getting you two mixed up when you do that crazy name-switching =P
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  4. Pwahahaha, utter failure.

    ...so... who's who again? Does this mean I've been talking to a stranger this whole time, thinking it was Defne but was actually a stranger I was never acquainted with?

    *coughs* i'm taking away from caden's own thread, so i'll end with saying something to caden.

    Caden, have fun with real life~~ I wonder if you'll be able to succeed in taking a long, long genuine hiatus :eek: I say you'll be back within a month, hehe.
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  5. How about a more serious response?
    To quote SteamingFire,
    [EDIT] Oh wait, that was to me. Quoting SteamingFire again,
    Sad to see you go again Caden. Don't die, enjoy life, and good luck getting unbanned. See ya soon.
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  6. Will miss you and pictures of your first dress. :p Enjoy life to the fullest and come back one day. ;)
  7. Bye caden, hope you come back sooner rather than later. Cya, neva wanna be ya! ;)
  8. I'm sorry to see you leave but I really hope you'll be back soon enough. Hm, if gambling wasn't restricted a bit (and too much work to set up ;)) I'd try to start one to see when you'd be back ;)
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  9. *waits for edit*
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  10. Great :( Who will protect us from 'The Hair' now?!
  11. Psh, I believe you may have mistaken me for somebody else.

    On a serious note, thank you.
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  12. turn on the thing when youre online so we can call you out for being on
  13. AND NOW YOU'RE LEAVING AGAIN *sad blender noises* :c

    We await your return, you toaster.

    Who am I kidding? That ^ was serious enough.
  14. As I was doing a little check on the forums I found this, I love how you "copied" my format of the players who helped you :p.

    You'll be missed and for people who are wondering, yes I still am having struggles right now. Im not back yet. Be back in 2 months for a forum check.
  15. Just set up a chart of everyday from now to 5 months from now then people can place bets on the day they'd think he'd return. Not saying to do this, just saying setting it up wouldn't be all too difficult. :p
  16. Well I hope you enjoy life to the Max. We'll be here when you need us.
  17. You told me it might happen, hey maybe something interesting will happen when you come back and you will have a strong desire to stay. You never know :p Sad to see you take a break though.
  18. Bye BB, the SSSS was pretty fun.
  19. Okay, I'm tired, too, but if I don't post now, I'm afraid I will forget to do so before the two weeks are over. Perhaps we'll talk more later, perhaps we won't.
    I really like you, Caden, and I'll most likely miss you. I don't have any contact information about you outside of EMC, but if that's the way you want it, I understand. In any case, I'll be awaiting your reappearance.
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  20. Aww I'm sorry to hear that your leaving Caden :(
    We will all miss you.
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