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  1. Hey, guys!
    Although the tutorial has a ton of great things, many players are still confused once they dive into the actual server. One of the earlier versions of the tutorial had some interactive parts such as setting up a locked chest, which was a great addition, but it was quickly removed.
    I suggest an extended tutorial that helps people after they exit the tutorial.

    Continued Tutorials
    Though the tutorial explains a lot, it does not explain everything. I have come up with some scenarios that will help the player a ton.
    • Residence Claiming
      Currently, when a player finishes a tutorial, they receive a residence with no option of choosing where to live. How about a different system that allows the player to actually choose one? Let me get into detail:
      • They finish the tutorial.
      • They are teleported to a random, but open, residence.
      • In chat, it says something like this:
        Welcome to the Empire!
        You have been teleported to an open residence.
        If you would like to make this residence your home, say /claim
        If you would like to keep browsing, say /v open
      • If they choose another, the last three lines would be put in the chat again. To prevent spam and such, I suggest that chat be muted for them.
      • If they claim a residence, the following message plays:
        Congratulations, you now own a residence!
        You can build to your heart's desire on this 60x60 protected plot.
        You can unclaim the residence at any time with /res unclaim
        If you stray too far, say /home to come back to this place.
    • The Wastelands
      Once a player enters the Wastelands, they begin mining and can often get too far and get lost. Though not perfect, I have thought up a tutorial for this. I will take you through this step-by-step.
      • Player says /waste
      • They are teleported to a random Wastelands outpost as always.
      • Message pops up:
        Welcome to the Wastelands!
        The Wastelands is a world made for gathering materials such as ores, stone, and more.
        The Wastelands is much smaller than the Frontier.
        Every time you visit the Wastelands, you get teleported to a random outpost.
        If you ever get lost, please use the command /map to get a link to your server's live map.
        Remember: Griefing is not allowed ANYWHERE on the server!
      • Player goes mining and such.
    • Wilderness/Frontier
      It has been said that a player usually messes up the Frontier with the Wastelands, this may solve many problems. Once again, here is a step-by-step play through.
      • Player says the /wild command
      • Message pops up:
        Welcome to the Frontier!
        Also known as the Wilderness, the Frontier is a place for you to build wilderness bases.
        If you'd like, you can learn how to establish your wilderness base on the forums.
        If you ever get lost, please use the command /map to get a link to your server's live map.
        Note: If you have come here to mine or gather resources, please visit the /wastelands instead. Thank you!
        Remember: Griefing is not allowed ANYWHERE on the server!
      • Player does what players do.
    • The Empire Shop
      Blah blah blah, step by step to prevent players from making a mistake.
      • Player says the /shop command.
      • Message pops up:
        Welcome to the Empire Shop!
        Found on each server, the Empire Shop sells every allowed item in the Empire.
        If you are looking for cheap prices, look further; The Empire shop is considered to be overpriced compared to most player shops.
        It is advised that you use the Empire Shop as your last resort.
        Have fun shopping!
    I believe that the main features that players are confused about are mentioned. I will post other suggestions in another thread.
  2. Definitely a +1. I've seen way too many players buy 4 diamonds and sell them for 2000r, so the /shop one would help very much.
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  3. Very Very Very Coool!! I love this idea! It will make a HUGE change
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  4. +1, Your suggestions are good :D
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  5. Great idea!
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  6. +1
    Can it be possible to point out to the player about chat channels? I've seen a lot of people on here that don't know how to use chat channels correctly.
  7. Good idea!
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  8. i like this
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  9. +1 great idea
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  10. +1

    grammatical errors
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  11. Send me the grammatical errors in private message, I will see. ;)
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  12. Heck yeah +1 . That would be great to get added.
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  13. This is a great idea! :D I love the basic ideas you've laid out. +1, as you say. :D
    They're all minor errors that would be fixed if this were to be implemented. I don't see any glaring mistakes that absolutely have to fixed for the thread to be understood. :p
  14. I like to fix every little error. :p I am also laying back on who I mention grammatical errors to, because it tends to cause problems. With SkyDragonv8, it doesn't (I hope). :D

    I have also read the entire OP. I believe new players should get extra help after finishing the tutorial. :) The idea leaves me thinking about why the staff left out the interactive parts in the new tutorial... :p
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  15. Yes good idea! There have been countless times on SMP4 where new players are asking for help in the town chat. And they ask right after tutorials. Question: how long did it take you to type this? :3 xD
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  16. I'd say about ten minutes.
  17. Who voted -1:eek:

    This helps prevent newbies from asking too many questions... I like it +
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  18. Fixed your post. Have fun figuring out what I fixed. :cool:
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