[Suggestion] Token Rewards for Group Fishing

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  1. As a moderator who runs a monthly fishing event, I often end up creating a group for the players who attend. The main purpose of this is so that I can say "/GTP for the event selfie!" :p

    However, I think it would be an awesome addition if token rewards were added for group fishing. They would hopefully work in a similar way to token rewards for group mining.

    Please let me know what you think below ^_^
  2. Yeah, I mean, why not?
    Sounds good!
    Is there a way to see somebody's fishing?
  3. Why not indeed :p I'm not entirely sure actually... but there may be!
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  4. Any group event should do this. :D
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  5. I think this is a good idea, if it's around for mining then I'm sure it should be around for fishing too! :)
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  6. Well, aikar answer would be: "fishing doesn't take enough risk", but in my opinion it should be rewarded. Maybe every "super good"(so no fish or trash) item fished get 1token
  7. Voting to get tokens is risk free! :p But we'll see what he says :)
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  8. Great idea!

    Also add a new catchable food..

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  9. added my vote! All my res'z will have some fishing area. I find it relaxing
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  10. I like it +1
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  11. +1.
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  12. mining event gets tokens? I have come out to a couple mining events and dont recall getting tokens for anything. I usually wander around watching people frantically building a camp/ village then I mine a little get bored and leave. I guess I dont fit in to that group to stay that long to see any tokens or maybe because i am not invited to a group. anyway I stopped going to mining events. Fishing events are knid of cool. Those I could see some more attention given to.
  13. Group mining gets you tokens if you are in a group with three or more people. In addition to this, you can get additional perks through being in a large group all mining, for example haste boost without a beacon :)

    When I host my Big Digs (See thread here: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/anons-big-crazy-dig-a-b-c-d-july-23rd.66589/ ) I'm always sure to routinely run around the site using /invnear to invite players to my group, in addition to asking players in local chat if they want invites :p Nonetheless, other staff and players may host their own mining events in other ways :p

    My Something Fishy event gets a fair few players attending, which is why I thought it'd be nice to suggest this idea ^_^
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  14. Perhaps there can be some sort of staff command that enables this, and they turn it off when the event is over?
  15. Whilst that would be a good idea, I want this to hopefully come to all groups who fish, not just my event :) I want it to benefit the whole community for group participation and interaction ^_^
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  16. Would be a gr8 idea m8 +1
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  17. +1 why not?
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  18. Considering that mining (read: removing stone blocks with your pickaxe) can get you some small token rewards I really don't see why this would be different. Except.... Fishing already gains you something other than the items: XP. Mining basically gets you nothing (unless you're mining ores) and the tokens could compensate for that a little.

    With that in mind I have another (or additional) idea: why not apply the luck status effect on all fishing group players, just like haste and resistance are used when mining / fighting in a group?

    The Luck buff. would increase players' chances of getting better items during fishing. Maybe the level could go up based on the number of players involved, which would make these events even more appealing than before because the more players, the more chances of getting good stuff (tm).

    Food for thought?
  19. Some very interesting ideas :) Whilst mining gets you no exp (If you don't mine ores), you also get tokens from fighting mini bosses - in which you earn exp when defeating them.

    That luck buff is a very swell idea indeed! And I can definitely see it making fishing events more enticing ^_^
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  20. Plurs 1 frerm meh.

    I agree with Shel up there too, the luck buff from fishing would be a great idea. Now all you guys have to do is yell at someone to come read this and then cry at them till they code it.
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