[Suggestion] Token leaderboard?

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  1. Almost two years ago (October 2014) MatthewDA already made this suggestion yet its status was a bit in between: not accepted nor denied. So I figured...

    The reason I drag this up again is because I can't help feel that using tokens for measurement is much more fair than using XP. After all: XP can be easily gained from XP farms, but tokens have to be earned. Either by voting or better: actually going out into the wilderness and do something.

    Another argument are the upcoming features of land claiming in which, so rumor has it, could also make use of tokens. So a leaderboard wouldn't only be something to compete or show off with: it could also help players find others who have gathered a decent amount of tokens.

    But most of all I believe tokens are a much better indication of who's actually playing the game or not.
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  2. No, this leader board sounds like it is showing wealth and I would like nothing of it.

  3. I have nearly 155k in Tokens (as of this post) and virtually all of it is from voting alone - I barely sign in these days and when I do it's mostly to bop around town and chat with my fellow asylum inmates players. So while I respect the suggestion, I can say with certainty: No, they are not an indication of who's playing. XP you actually have to be in-game for. :rolleyes:

    (Still hoping for a vote-bonus leaderboard though, just so I can see who's above me).
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  4. Right now I've got approx. 165k tokens. However, you started playing beginning 2012 whereas I started around end of 2014. I think that is a clear indication in itself.

    Because voting can only get you so much, playing the game and actually defeating custom mobs and/or doing activities in groups gains you a whole lot more. And that would show.
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  5. Sounds like you've got some good reasons.
    There's a thing I'm wondering, though: would it show the total amount of tokens achieved, or the current amount of tokens? For, what you said, finding others who have gathered a decent amount of tokens, the second option would be needed.
    But I prefer the first option myself. I mean, the TEXP leaderboards work the same, notice the T in TEXP.
    The biggest problem with showing the current amount is that it would make some people hesitate to buy anything, as they will go down on the leaderboards. While tokens should obviously be used, as else they're, well, useless, except for the leaderboards. But leaderboards weren't the purpose of the tokens, of course.
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  6. Maybe it could show both, comparable to the TEXP boards?

    I have to agree that there might be some caveats, also with token expenses. But in all fairness: there aren't really much to begin with. Maybe the upcoming land protection schemes might change some of that, but yeah... I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. :confused: Oh Shell...
    Tokens weren't added until May 2014, and weren't added as voting bonuses until nearly three months later.

    Also worth noting I spent every token I had when Avalaunchers were released the first time, and have used them for at least one residence biome change, plus likely a few other things I'm forgetting. As I said, I respect your point but I stand by my statement. They're just not a good metric for who's active.
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  8. Sorry Shell, but I'm gonna go with Keph on this one. Tokens don't really measure going out in the wild and doing something. I also kinda question why you think that particular activity even needs a leaderboard. People who focus on the economy or games in town are on EMC having a good time too :)
    I spend a TON of my time in the wild doing group builds/mining, fighting, and dealing with my friends general craziness (hmm, little bored, let's spawn 5 withers and up the difficulty, it'll be great - pssst these people I love are trying to get me killed!). All that said, I'm currently at 205k tokens after a few avalaunchers and biome changes. Keph is at 155k from just voting. You're at 165k. I'm not sure this tells us anything about how much any of us plays, or even how we play.
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  9. Hm, but didn't we get tens of thousands of tokens at once when they did get added as voting bonuses?
  10. We did. I spent all mine (and then some) on Avalaunchers, when they were offered up a few months later. That was kinda my point though - I've hardly been in the game at all for the last year or more, and even after spending them I'm still sitting on a pile of tokens I did basically nothing but visit a website for.
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