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  1. So happy we're getting a wastelands reset. finch_rocks_1 made a great suggestion and you guys (Aikar) came through.
    So, about this token leaderboard...
    First request:

    One day, right? :rolleyes:
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  2. A tokens leaderboard is so much more complex than a wastelands reset is. To create a leaderboard, Aikar first has to create some way of sending the data to the website (which has already been done). Then he has to create the page to display the leaderboard on and then create the navigation to get to it (both of which are a lot more complex than you would imagine). And then he can actually make the leaderboard, but he has to make sure the code runs as efficiently as possible so that it doesn't slow the whole site down, which is again, fairly complex.

    On top of doing this, Aikar essentially has to update the server software to 1.8 himself and then update all the associated server plugins and databases to support this. This is a huge task since 1.8 has rewritten a number of components, all of which will need to be rewritten in the server software.

    If you've suggested it already, and Aikar has said that he's doing it. Then it will happen. Posting another thread isn't going to speed it up anymore.
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  3. Also, a *Use* for tokens would be nice.
    Which has not existed for months.
    I will try to be patient for more months.
    I know staff is working hard, and it is appreciated.
  4. there will be a use for tokens, but obviously the game update that is needed to even use those tokens hasn't been released yet. it will be, but there are a lot more things that need accomplished before that happens.
    at least we are getting a head start on collecting them before you can even use them.

    what does it even matter with a token leader board either? that's kind of like a rupee leader board... do you want one of those too so everyone knows how many you have? i'd rather leave my number of tokens and rupees to myself honestly. lol
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  5. wastelands reset is running some commands, tokens leaderboard involves refactoring the existing leaderboard code.

    Just too much going on right now.

    And yes i would rather work on using tokens before the leaderboard.
  6. i have a pitiful amount now compared to where i would be on the boards a few months ago :/
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  7. When I first suggested this back in August, EULA compliance was the hot topic and I understood that that was priority at the time. That has gone away, for now.

    Lots of folks were also gearing up for 1.8, even prepping distant wild bases to take advantage of the new blocks as soon as they were released. For different reasons, timely implementation of 1.8 is also gone, for now.

    We do have DT3 and the “Empires update (official land claim system)” to look forward to, but both are huge and also appear to be on the distant horizon.

    I was really just looking for a bone, an interim motivator to keep myself and others out in the wild. Something to use as a measure of progress on my Empire. I may never have suggested a leaderboard if Aikar hadn’t brought it up last May. I was just grabbing at something.

    A use for tokens would be great, if we’re making progress there. I’m not sure how to establish the relative value of my tokens within the community, but I suppose in the development of a “use” that’ll be calculated and taken into account. I’ll have to assume that 50k tokens for X is a good deal.

    I understand the risk of a token leaderboard. As they are not planned to be used like rupees, I think the risk of begging is minimal. But I’m not against keeping balances hidden if that’s the intent either.

    But if not this, then what?
  8. Well, I guess you can create a thread where people can voluntary post their token balance.
    But it will not be accurate, as some people will not tell the truth.
    Yeah token use is better than leaderboard.
    And I understand staff is very busy, so I will wait for token use.
  9. We have all been facing a lot of unexpected delays and let downs in the minecraft world this year. It's hard to believe so much has happened. With so much in flux, it sometimes feels like everything is on hold. All this time, in the background, groundwork is being laid for even greater things to come. The 1.8 update makes clients capable of lots of new things, that our servers don't support yet. That is not going to last forever, even though it feels that way.

    The progress on the server update has been steady and deliberate. In about a month, the first 1.8 capable FORGE modded servers will be released for testing. I estimate that the new SPONGE mod API will also go into it's first testing cycle. EMC will not be able to update until things are more stable, but when they are, there will finally be an explosion of movement on many of the projects. The new server code is planned with greater control for our modifications and greater performance for our players.

    It's O.K. if you don't know what any of that means yet. We are not blowing smoke when we tell you that it's getting closer and it's going to be fantastic. The EMC team is actively preparing to bring all the best new enhancements to our servers as soon as they become available. Aikar and myself are not just waiting, we are active in the community of developers in the best ways we know, and keeping a close eye on developments as they happen.
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