Mega Voting Update! Tokens and new Rewards! 7/20/14

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  1. Hello everyone! Sorry for mid-day update but Krysyy thinks this update is big enough to justify a mid-day update so she has convinced me =P

    New rewards has been added to voting!

    == Tokens ==
    Voting now rewards a user with Tokens! We debated on the scale of the rewards for this quite a bit, and came up with a scale we feel is comparable to the effort it takes to vote compared to actually killing monsters.

    So, lets be clear that voting is not going to be nor intended to be a full on replacement for earning tokens instead of killing monsters or doing the other activities.

    Voting will now give a base of 5 tokens per vote, and 10 for TopG and

    There are then additional bonus tokens for various Bonus levels.

    >> What If I am already at a high Vote Bonus?
    The same as when new rupee bonuses were added, you will NOT receive every missed bonus. You will receive 1 of every "Bonus Level".

    For example, there is a bonus level at 2, 5, 15, 30, 50 and 100.

    A person at 100 is going to get 1 of each of those, but not 50 2's, 20 5's, etc. Otherwise this would throw a giant amount of Tokens into the system quicker than it would of even been possible to gain through killing monsters.

    Your next vote will give you a pretty decent bonus.

    == New Items ==
    New Rewards has been added Over 100 Vote Bonuses!

    All the way up to Level 300 has been added, completing the entire set of armor. There are now Voters Swords, Bow, Shears, and all of the Tools.

    For the Tools and Sword, we have added an Iron and Diamond version!

    The Voters set has always been a "Casual Set." So it does not have "God Gear" level enchants, and meant to provide a reliable set of gear to help with defense and offense in the wild vs basic monsters.

    These tools continue that idea, but the Iron vs Diamond helps with Dig Speed properties, but they include Fortune 3!

    Now, One small exception to this rule is the highest vote bonus item: The Voters Fishing Rod.

    This Fishing Rod comes with Luck 3 and Lure 3, and as with all Voters gear, it is unbreakable. So you can consider this the ultimate fishing rod...

    >> What If I am already at a high Vote Bonus?
    You will receive all items owed to you on the next vote.

    This should give everyone huge incentive to keep on voting and getting those really high Vote Bonuses!

    == And A few more other Things ==
    And of course a few small updates to go a long with the big ones!

    • /p Derelict protection now shows a difference between Permanent by Voucher vs supporter level protection.
    • In game /p Derelict (and therefor forceclaim) now uses the system derelict rules in regards to new players, so new players will show the accurate 5/10/15 day number.
    • Fixed some grammar on Residence permission error message and /help flags link.
  2. Well done, I like the idea that voting now gives the basic EMC player even better items. Hopefully even more people will vote for the best online MC experience! Should we consider adding the earned tokens to the vote message? So it says "You've voted for EMC on and earned 900rupees and 10 tokens"? It'll be added in the next nightly reboot :)!
  3. Awesome Update :)
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  4. Cool as always, keep up the good work!
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  5. Awesome :D
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  7. Pretty sweet. Only question..Lure 3 and luck 3 work against each other lowering the efficency of both.
    Is that still the case with them or is the mechanics of the rod tweaked to account for that?

    Way to go Aikar and staff!
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  8. Thanks for the update o3o
    I just started voting... (7 Vote Steak)
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  9. When does this kick into effect? I just voted and ... nothing happened lol (other than the typical).
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  10. The server reboot i think was when it was
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  11. The very best part of this update.
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  12. It plugs in your userneame
  13. Got my voters sword already :D Thanx for the awesome update.
    People should be more inclined to vote daily now!
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  14. Pfft, only up to 300? Slackers! :D

    Great news all around though. I'm almost afraid of what my mail will look like tomorrow morning...
  15. Awesome, glad Ive got to my 48 vote streak for where things are looking in the long run right now.
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  16. Thats great im glad all ive done is go in the wild and kill enranged mobs lol it gets anoying after a while lol
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  17. Can you remember that far back when you had 300?? LOL ;)
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  18. I NEED that fishing rod :O

    Be scared, nemo. Be scared