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  1. With 1.9 coming up any time now, I feel that we should allow any EMC member to access the end. It sounds drastic when I say it over and over, and I feel I might be confronted by a staff member, but just hear me out:
    It's not that easy to find the end portal in the wild. Most people are too afraid to venture that far by fear of losing their valuables. Staff members are able to do /end, but why is that ability exclusive for them?
    We all know about the new additions to the end in 1.9, so we should be able to explore the updates with our friends on EMC when it's released.
    If the end won't be open to the public in the next update, then I suggest that at least we form an event in which people will go out in the frontier in search of the end portal.
    Thank you for your consideration c:
  2. I agree. Add a portal at Town Spawn next to the others and/or an /end command. Either that or fix eyes so they work properly.
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  3. But yeah, I would love to have a portal, as pab said.
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  4. Many of the servers have buildings and such that leads to the end, for example smp3 has a public end farm and so does 5 and 8 I believe
  5. I'm still a bit skeptical ;)

    I read many posts about 1.9 already and if the rumors / ideas are true about launching an "End waste" then by all means: it should be an obvious choice that we can teleport to that area. After all: we already can do so in the regular waste, so why should End waste be different?

    But if the End remains as it is now then I'd oppose this idea. Although it may be more difficult to reach it also helps us keep griefers away and that accounts for something as well. To me this isn't such an easy thing to decide on.

    Here's what I'm hoping for: A "separated" End world. The outer regions would be dubbed "End waste" and we can teleport to this area using the options you described here. However... The vanilla End teleporters to go back to the main area have all been disabled. You might be able to go there by building a 1000block large bridge so maybe we can also have some kind of barrier in the middle.

    And then we have the End as we currently know it. The main island which cannot be reached through teleport commands but only by finding the End portal in either the Waste or Wild.
  6. Any one can access the end all they got to do is locate the end portal :p
  7. /end stops the server ^.^
  8. Personal opinion:
    Minecraft mechanics kinda denote End finding as a vanilla aspect of the game. With everything new and exciting in the End, doesn't it cheapen the adventure if there is just a command? And Staff don't use that command unless to help people. If you know of a time that's being abused, report it to me ASAP. They're in trouble...

    Official statement:
    Haven't discussed yet. When we decide after 1.9 comes out, we'll make a post.
  9. It doesn't.
    [16:26:13 INFO]: This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-b2c2c63-a3cb1bc (MC: 1.8.7) (Implementing API version 1.8.7-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    [16:26:13 INFO]: Checking version, please wait...
    [16:26:14 INFO]: You are 47 version(s) behind
    [16:26:15 INFO]: Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
    [16:26:17 INFO]: Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
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  10. Ehhh no. Moderators have access to teleportation, but they should only be using it to help players out. Only SS and above can go "anywhere", but we have easier ways to get access to items (creative mode).
    Edit: Krysyy was faster.
  11. I highly doubt that it would be for going to the end, so I am making an assumption it does what I said
  12. It's a BungeeCord command. Doesn't stop the specific server, but the BungeeCord instance.
  13. I wasn't aware of that being the rule for the command. I only remember being a noob and wanting to go to the end, so I did /end and it told me I didn't have permission so I automatically (and mistakenly) assumed it was like a staff luxury thing lol

    edit: And to add on to the idea of exploring for the end portal, I think it would be a fun thing if there was an actual event like that on one server that doesn't have easy access. Maybe we can do this before 1.9 (and maybe somehow magically fix the ender eye glitches)
  14. Having a teleport for the nether has the same effect, does it not? You need a diamond pickaxe to get obsidian and then build the portal to reach the nether. However, the way it is, you can enter the nether with a stone pickaxe and leather armor. Minecraft mechanics do denote that you must find diamonds before reaching the end. So yeah, the experience is already cheapened, might as well go all in.

    Besides, the end is very easy to find in 1.9. There are a total of 128 strongholds. The only thing a teleport would cheapen is the time it takes to find an already found stronghold.
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  15. Minecraft is a game about surviving exploring and progressing throb the game. I feel like simply having a portal to the end would take a lot away from what the game delivers. Besides it doesn't take too long to find one. Maybe 20 mins max if you have the equipment.
  16. Wait we can just teleport to the end? :confused: (literally didn't know that) :)
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  17. It would take literally 0 of what the game delivers the way EMC is set up. EMC already has an easy road to beginning the game as opposed to the vanilla experience.
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  18. The End is not hard to find. The End is open to public. I don't know what you mean by it not being open. It takes some resources and maybe some deaths along the way. That is needed for all the inflation in the economy. Getting to the end easier just makes the prices of endstone, enderpearls, etc. plummet WAY down. While it's a nice thought, it's not good for the server's economy in the long run.
  19. Not sure if you are aware of endertopia: the official EMC enderpearl farm. Ironically, Aikar dislikes farms.

    And we certainly don't want to ruin the end stone market which is 3-5r per block! Honestly, it would probably stay the same price, maybe the same as cobblestone.
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