[Suggestion]The Ability to Disable Eggification Messages

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  1. The eggification messages can be quite annoying and spam chat if you are doing a lot of eggifying. So I've come up with 3 possible solutions.

    Solution #1: Having the ability to disable the eggification messages via a new /ps setting.

    Solution #2: Just like we have /togglepreview, a new command could be implemented called /toggleeggmessages (or something similar) that would enable/disable the eggification messages.

    Solution #3: The ability to disable the messages temporarily. This idea would work similar to hiding chat channels. You can hide a chat channel temporarily, but once you relog, it is re-enabled. This idea would be like this. A new command could be added called /eggmessage that could be turned on or off, but once the player relogs, the eggification messages are re-enabled.

    Please leave your opinions down below and let me know if you like this idea or not.

    I looked on the wiki to see if there was any information regarding an idea like this, but found nothing. I apologize if this has been suggested before and I missed it on the wiki.
  2. Never!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like being told, I Harry Pottered that chicken...
  3. I agree with this +1.
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  4. How dare you potter me!

    Anyways, I think he was suggesting that it would be able to be toggled on and off so that people who want it can have it and people who dont want it, dont have to deal with it
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  5. Please! I often eggify villagers
    +1 million
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  6. I vote +0 because, yeah... Personally I'd like to see more funny messages instead of less :)
  7. The eggification messages should show up in the chat box, above the hotbar, or not even show up at all, depending on the preference of players. :)
  8. Even though I probably won't use it, +1

    I'd choose solution 1, because imo that'd work best. You don't have to disable it eveytime and you can set it per smp.
    #2 is alright, but the /togglepreview is designed to quickly switch to preview mode and back. But maybe /eggmessage can be used as a shortcut for #1 (like /diff).
    #3 you'd have to enabke everytime.

    So, in short, I think #1 has the most possibilities

    That's why the suggestion is to toggle the messages, not disable. The nessages should still be enabled by default.

    But I agree that we should have more messages ;)
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  9. Bump for those who haven't seen this yet. :)
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  10. Bump. Still looking for more opinions on this.
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  11. With the ability to hide the eggification messages, my screenshots of the chat would look more clean, unlike this:

  12. +1 I like the idea, cause I eggify a lot
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  13. The current system is a chat spam, but for a good reason. They are basically telling you "Hey, the animal was eggified."

    I think a great option would be for the mob to disappear in some particles to signify it has been eggified. +1 to this suggestion too.
  14. +0
    You could use /chatclear to get rid of those corny messages. I don't eggify a lot, but this could be useful and lame at the same time.
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  15. Easy. Use a sword instead of a stick. No annoying messages.
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  16. +1000000000000000
  17. Bump
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  18. ultimately rather not clutter up PS (the proper place for this) with such a specific purpose setting

    i plan to get to temporary holograms that does a like 'floating popup text' kind of style system into EMC, then we can move it to that.

    but we can also at least for now move eggify messages to the action bar