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  1. The tutorial needs to have something that mentions - T to talk. I do remember way back when having to figure that out. Some people may not be aware of this when joining our MP server.

    Mystul (And Rosy)
  2. That sounds pretty good actually, it took me a long time for me to understand the meaning of the letters. :)
  3. Just to clarify, we recently had a member who was unsure on how to chat. I'm sure there have been many like this, but we'd like to stop it in the future.

    It would probably be a simple fix - Just adding a sign mentioning it at the start.
  4. This is a basic control of mine craft. I wouldn't say this is needed.
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  5. I don't know... I didn't know how to open chat aswell, but I did yust go to "options" (or "instellingen" as I had minecraft in dutch) and I clicked at "controlls" and looked for "chat" or something.

    So it's pritty easey to find, I found it in Like one minute and In the case you aren't smart enath to think this :p , you can just Google: "Minecraft how to talk" and you'll find it.

    So (I know a second so...) I don't think this should be in tutorial.
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  6. lolol i remember i used to press / and then erase it and then type any message i wanted to write out xDD took a while to say stuff.

    Since EMC is a server that has so much talking, i don't think it'd hurt to put a lil note in the beginning of the tutorial
  7. The Chat controls, etc are things that are in basic Minecraft. Everyone configures theirs differently. Mine for example is set to 'C'. Don't ask why, I simply changed it a long time ago and now it's my thing. I is inventory instead of E as well =P.

    Adding basic Minecraft commands to the tutorial is not beneficial to maintaining the balance of length and information present.

    Fun fact: if you start with /, it will automatically open your talk screen.
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  8. Actually I have only been playing on this server since I got minecraft (since 3-5 years, don't remember) so everything I know, I have learned from this server :)
  9. Yesss finally someone who has this aswell :p

    I actually have sprint on E, ctrl is much too awkward to use :p And I have pick block on R, because my middle mouse button click is kind of broken :p
  10. Normal people use enter for chat like every other game >_>
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  11. What games use enter for chat? :confused:
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  12. Crazy ones that Aikar is making up in his mind =P
  13. How do you use those keys!?!?!?! They're so far away from WASD! Or don't tell me you use the arrows ;-;
  14. Yeah, I could understand some people not know it. But it's quite easy to find out, even without access to the internet... and without access to the internet you wouldn't be able to play on EMC, so you could also just Google it (or Bing, probably, if you need to look something like that up :rolleyes:).
    So yeah, if they can't figure out something like that... I'm not too sure they'll get a very good experience at EMC, because it's definitely not among the simpler of servers.
  15. I use WASD still. C is easier to reach for me. As for I, I'll have to play to see how I subconsciously do that one. Looking at it right now, I have no idea =P
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  16. I use WASD still as well... these commands ARE basic MC. But, for those coming from the single player game - I wonder how often they use 'T' to talk to themselves.

    That FIRST impression people get when they join the server, aside from the awesome buildings around them, is the community. I just want to make sure they know how to talk with us.
  17. what multiplayer games don't use enter? Like every FPS and MMORPG use Enter (And / for commands as a quick open too, least MC copied that one)

    I hope people type with 2 hands... so moving your hand off mouse and pressing enter to open chat and then to also SEND chat.... is kind of a natural activity.
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  18. Only game I play is Minecraft... :p
    • TF2
    • Garry's Mod
    • Minecraft
    Really, those are the only games I play. :p
  19. Does any of you use I to Open your Inventory instead of E? Pls say someone does, "I" basically stand for Inventory. It's only natural :D