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  1. Note: I actually haven't tested to see if spawner locks work or not so if it does, please tell me so I can shut this thread.
    I had an idea. I heard that things like chests, beacons, furnaces, and things like that could have a lock sign on them so people are not able to grief/steal them. I was wondering if it is possible to do the same with spawners. Monster spawners can be very expensive if there are more than 1, especially if there are grinders around them. So my suggestion is that spawners should also have the feature to put locks on them so people aren't able to grief them. Thanks for reading, and put your suggestion below :D!
  2. Put a chest right by the spawner. Lock the Chest and it Locks the spawner too. The put a half slab onto of the chest
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  3. .... Absolutely Genius! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Cool story bro. Tell it again... No really I didn't understand the slab part so I need to rehear it
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