Protecting Mob Spawners

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  1. Well I have heard many people have protected their bases using locked chests... So why can't we do it to the mob spawners? Yes It would cost a fair amount (5k to be exact).

    4 Locked chests on the sides (and the signs placed above on the block on top of the spawner). The under belly of the spawner will be locked by placing a block (cobble or something) and placing a lock sign with a chest under that.

    So what do you guys think? If this works won't it mean they are unbreakable? Besides from the guy/girl who made the locks of course. Then we might be able to sell spawners?
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  2. I like this idea.
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  3. I like this, but it would cost 15k for me.... :(
  4. Just remember that the block the sign is on - can still be removed by anyone.

    And a high efficiency axe can still break the chest + the spawner im affraid.
  5. For those who may not understand the concept here it is! Yeah I used a bedrock block cause I don't wanna go 1000+ blocks to my spawners.
  6. Wouldnt work im affraid
  7. But I though locked chests are locked therefore not touched. Otherwise whats the point in locking if they can be destroyed?
    And Believe me this would be a long run investment. It may cost alot but not break...
  8. The blocks holding the sign - isnt protected.
  9. I think it would be...Or else everyone would simply "steal" your stuff by breaking the block!
  10. No, its not.

    You can destroy the block - the sign will still be there, hanging in the air.
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  11. Yes but they can't destroy chests. Nothing destroys chests. Not even TNT. So the chest will still be locked.
  12. Okay I got a better design give me a sec
  13. Yes? What will a chest do? :D

    Have you seen the setup?

    Its not possible to have a chest on all 6 sides of a spawner - if it needs to be locked.
  14. Why can't you just have a [LOCK] sign above the spawner and no one could break it...
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  15. That would be easyer I think.....
  16. I just tried the removing the block part xD Pretty funny seeing the floating lock sign.
    I get what you're saying now. I was confused.
    Yeah, it would be easier if you were able to do that like with chests, furnaces and crafting tables.
  17. I thought you can't lock spawner blocks?
    Also Can you lock a chest with a sign next to it?
    If so then it will look like this...
  18. Nope, chest needs to be directly below the sign.
  19. Wouldn't those chest cause problems with the mob spawning ? They take up spawning space and mobs can stand on them :O, so it lowers the spawn rates.
  20. Yes But The Sign Will Stay There