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Would locking mob spawners from being breaked at wilderness benefit you?

YES! Please do so, i'm tired of loosing my xp grinders :'( 39 vote(s) 67.2%
NO -.- I don't like people having xp grinders. 4 vote(s) 6.9%
I don't care, as long as it doesn't generate lag and troubles at EMC :) 15 vote(s) 25.9%
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  1. SO yeah, i have been failing hard at anything i requested to the Empire Staff..
    BUT: This is something won't benefit only me, or the normal players, or the supporters, or even the staff.
    As we all know (about my signature) this request it's to lock mob spawners from being breaked at wilderness. Maybe adding them to the list of lockable items at wilderness (the ones you have to pay to lock) so that only the person who pays 1k rupees to lock it can break it.
    It would help so the epic (hard to make) xp grinders don't get griefed (and yes this is something that can only be made at wilderness)
    I ask players that if they totally disagree or have any negative comment about this idea to avoid posting here, i don't want this thread closed.
    It's ok if you say you disagree or the reasons why, but don't just start hating with us.

    k, GO!
  2. This is a fantastic idea and should be put in action.
  3. Any admin/senior staff?
  4. Can any admin check this?
    I will just go and ask them via pm.
  5. Not sure it's necessary, I have not once heard of a mob spawner being broken. :)
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  6. Great idea, Is it ok if I use the signature?
  7. mine has been broken by a creeper ;S
  8. That is why my grinder is made out of obsidian
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  9. :D obsidian FTW.
    btw i vote yes. cos sometimes some people just panic when they find it and then break it.
  10. Consider yourself having heard of one now! I had my zombi spawner griefed and broken two weekends ago. They really didn't destroy anything but the spawner itself and just robbed me of my stuff.
    Thankfully I never left anything of much value there. ;)
  11. Ahaha I have now ;P
    I'm not too scared of getting griefed; [locked] :p
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  12. yeah you might lock your chests alex, but not the spawner themself.
    Imagine yourself having an xp farm and someone just destroys the spawner. it's quite some work finding a good spot and building the whole thing. If someone desides to destroy the spawners only all that work is destroyed and rendered useless for ever.
    though i can't imagine many people who wanna do that since using the XP Farm is of much more value :D
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  13. I understand that, our XP grinder has 3 spawners next to each other :p
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  14. I know that feeling ...finally! :D
  15. The only bad thing is, if they cant be broken you just get butt touched to death if you find one and have no torches. Maybe you should be able to lock spawners like chests?
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  17. Well, if you find a spawner and have no torches: It's easier to run than to break the spawner it'self, because if you don't get enough times you can get 4 spiders around u in secs. So yeah, no need to lock like chests, just to be able to safe it so that no1 can break it :)
    I know it's simple task: add the id number of the spawner to the list of the lockable items.
    But yeah, i will die before Justin agrees with anything i request xD
  18. Epic, then it has no entries or exits? The spawner it's not reachable? if no, the you should agree with us bro :p
  19. Shure, thanks :) if more peeps see's this, more will agree and more Justin will feel 'tempted' to agree to this :p
  20. i dont really like this idea. i'm not against people making grinders and people destroying other people spawners is not cool, but I don't think there should be special protection for them. If at some point we get the ability to "claim" wilderness plots, then I think this would be redundant anyway.
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