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Would locking mob spawners from being breaked at wilderness benefit you?

YES! Please do so, i'm tired of loosing my xp grinders :'( 39 vote(s) 67.2%
NO -.- I don't like people having xp grinders. 4 vote(s) 6.9%
I don't care, as long as it doesn't generate lag and troubles at EMC :) 15 vote(s) 25.9%
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  1. dude i have passed through about 4 dungeons looking for spawners and they are all totaled.
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  2. LOL my griefing? Who do you think you are kid... Oh wait. Some no-brainer. All I did was voice my opinion, don't ask me for my reasons and I wont point out the flaws in yours. think before you post.
  3. Typical rage response, I was simply asking what your reasons were for not supporting this, I and many others have already said clearly in the thread why we want this. Now it's your turn to say why not.
  4. Then what's your point? Why not locking them? have you ever get those griefed? it's it such a big deal? i mean, only whoever wanted would go ahead and lock it, if you don't want it's fine, but i don't want this thread (supported by more than 40 members) to just get closed because you wanna rage with me.
    Also,it was never asked you not to give your oppinion, i actually said another thing
    i believe your oppinion of it being useless or "lazy" "idiotic" [...] was given already, no need to keep hating on the more than 45 member who agree/don't mind.

    Also, i believe it's normal for someone to ask "why" when you just randomly start hating the idea.

    Just in case you didn't read:
  5. I reckon, We should get Bow to go find a skeleton/zombie spawner, Build it into a trap then give us the coordinates and then we will just go and destroy it and see if he still doesn't support :)
  6. The countless times (when mining) have I passed grinders/dungeons with no spawner, it gets really frustrating because i am looking to make a grinder.
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  7. Blood, Were asking for a reason for his opinion, There's a difference from just automatically hating.
  8. Well, i believe a discussion around an idea wouldn't be a nice thing to be done, but, we are just asking reasons, he just says he doesn't like something with sense-less opinions. Also, i believe whoever it's "on fire" over here it's the one who just don't get the point of
  9. OK, lock it, just let Justin answer to this and bye bye to this sence-less discussion.
    I apreciate the help of the player who got the point of
    i really thank him for respecting us at this thread, also for not calling us "lazy" or "idiots".
  10. We all are on fire
    and now just as Blood suggested we cool down and stop posting here and let others post their opinion
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  11. Infinite, We were simply asking for a reason as to why there opinion is that.
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  12. Its more than my opinion, its clearly more than just me who voted the negative option. I don't have to explain mine, the only reason you gave was that it would be nice, which isnt a reason, so really....
  13. Can we finish this discussion now? Seriously, i have seen people on forums go into FULL FLAME MODE and will just rage until their keyboard blows up and they lose a limb or two.
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  14. Xx, We gave many reasons, To cut down on people grieifing, To add a new Moneysink to EMC, And I'm sure If I went through I could find many more, Now if you don't want this to happen, Then you need to give reasons why, Much like I just did, Or frankly, It just shows that your just not supporting for the sake of just well, Just not supporting.
  15. I'm simply done flaming, people keep using me as a standard of negativity on this forum saying I didn't list reasons, I did, they didn't listen, the best I can do at this point is protect my integrity.
  16. go read all my posts, from page 1 to here, and quit being an idiot.
  17. Closing this since you guys can't seem to talk without using insults. Calling people names is against the rules. Please remember that...
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