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Would locking mob spawners from being breaked at wilderness benefit you?

YES! Please do so, i'm tired of loosing my xp grinders :'( 39 vote(s) 67.2%
NO -.- I don't like people having xp grinders. 4 vote(s) 6.9%
I don't care, as long as it doesn't generate lag and troubles at EMC :) 15 vote(s) 25.9%
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  1. Well, i believe i would agree with you, if it was easier to make good grinders (which isn't actually) also, this 'special' protection would help anyone and everyone that want's to have one of this (for the xp, string, bones or whatever they want it for) When you make an xp grinder and you get it griefed i'm pretty shure you will change that idea :)
    But yeah, i believe it's nice to have some people saying that's not a good idea, so that we can talk about the good and bad points of it :D
  2. When stuff I make gets griefed, however insignificant it may seem I do get mad, and extra emotional. Then I might change my idea, at least until I cooled down.

    I just don't think it's worth the extra work for such a little thing. Sure it might be rare to find several spawners in the one spot, but spawners are everywhere. You can't dig a mine without coming across a random mineshaft it seems, and most of the time they have spawners in them. I go exploring sometimes, and most of the deserts I walk through have at least one exposed spawner, who knows how many more underground.

    The problem I think is not so much people destroying spawners, but griefing in the wilderness in general, and I think if there is to be a solution, it would be better to cover everything than just spawners. I wouldn't care if it was just a stop gap solution if it was an easier problem to tackle than claiming wilderness areas - maybe it is.

    From what I understand though, everything that uses up resources has to be carefully thought out about what the benefits for cost would be because they are very limited and things are stretched pretty thin, this is the reason I don't think it would be a good idea. If I am wrong and it's just the matter of flicking a toggle and doesn't impact in anyway then sure, I'm not against it.
  3. In my request i say that i want to LOCK them from being BREAKED, if we do this with every single item/block at wilderness then there will be no need for wilderness, because no1 could mine ;)
    BTW: This wouldn't impact the server at all, it would just add another item to the list of [lock]-able items. :)
  4. i wasn't suggesting we lock every block in the wilderness.

    I assumed you meant automatically make every spawner unbreakable, not locking them like chests. Clearly I didn't read your post as well as I thought, sorry.
  5. It's fine, it would be a nice idea to automatically make every spawner unbreakable, but i'm counting with the resources i KNOW server has ;)
  6. Locking spawner's is bad, then someone could lock one some where and use it to have mobs spawn and kill people. This is not a a good idea, The rate at which spawner's are greifed is so minimal, the only real reason is people panic mining into the side. Just make a few signs, saying "blah blah blah, grinder" then they will leave it alone.
  7. Well we are not there yet so this is the BEST solution. Not everyone can find a nice place on Utopia wild far from lazy griefers and keep producing enchanted items as you do.
  8. Did you really read what you wrote before pressing "Post Reply"? :p
    I was on the server less than a month, made a nice xp farm out of one zombi spawner and it got griefed withing two weeks. It was not on the beaten path either.

    Read my above must apply to you in some way too. ;)
  9. 1st. Locking spawners only not to get them breaked (it's pointless to break a spawner unless you want to grief a xp grinder) not to "do as player wants" *This would cost money *1k* to protect the spawner, so i believe people will just lock the important ones.
    2nd. Yeah shure, a griefer will stop by a sign saying "blah blah blah, grinder" learn a lesson: GRIEFERS DON'T CARE.
  10. As I stated, most times its not griefers, and if you would build them farther than 100 blocks away from spawn... No problems... (sarcasm need to be like 2500 MINIMUM)
  11. I don't really understand? How am I special? I just sat down and travelled in one direction in the black areas for an hour or so. Anyone can do that.
  12. most times its not griefers?
    so you think it will be an accident most of the times when a Mobspawner inside a 9x9x4 darkroom with perfect waterstream vanishes? remember that this spawner will be gone for ever. And finding a place with 2 or more spawners within 16 blocks range is quite rare
    and i wouldn't care paying 2.5k on each spawner to make my spawners save :)

    Locking spawner's is bad, then someone could lock one some where and use it to have mobs spawn and kill people.
    a Trap using spawner designed to kill players might be considerd PVP and will get the one with his name written on the lock sign banned :D
  13. This is a great idea and I think has been mentioned before... locking spawner blocks with a sign sounds perfect. I had two guys come and grief my Blaze farm not too long ago, and they tried to kill me at the same time. They decided they couldn't do enough damage to the farm fast enough since I was right there looking at them, so they just ran up and broke the spawner block. :( That means the many hours and dollars I had invested in finding and creating my blaze farm was all ruined. If I could have protected the spawner, I would have had to make some repairs to the farm, but it wouldn't have been a total waste. Now my new blaze farm is much farther out and better hidden, but I still fear for the day when someone finds it and decides to just break that spawner, making that huge expensive structure worthless. :( Locking spawners is an A+++ idea. Good job bringing it up Copherfield.
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  14. One does not simply walk into Utopia's Wilderness

    sry. just couldn't resist :D
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  15. griefing is dumb.
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  16. Nice, more than 38 positive votes and no senior staff/admin answer.
  17. Maybe the person who can give you the answer is a little busy dealing with the update. Mods and other staff don't have the skills or authority to give an accurate answer.
  18. Right now, JustinGuy is head deep in code because of all these updates. I'll talk to him and show him this thread after we get our servers updated.
  19. Thanks bob ;) a <3 and a like for you.
  20. People wouldn't get greifed if they weren't so naive and just walked for 2 minutes into the wild, that means if it took you 2 minutes, its takes a greifer 2 minutes. To my base in smp2 it takes almost 2 hours, and my other base, by boat from a certian spawn would take twice maybe three times as long. See how that prevents people. If you don't want it to be greifed and you value it protect it. Hide it, travel way far to build one, /map hide (if you can). Do something but don't sit around saying "I want locked spawners so I can be lazy" boo-hoo.
    Also you questions are so bias its not funny, I like people having mob grinders, but but having locked spawners... the only "no" answer is particularly bias as it states "im saying no because im a jerk" basicly.
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