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Would locking mob spawners from being breaked at wilderness benefit you?

YES! Please do so, i'm tired of loosing my xp grinders :'( 39 vote(s) 67.2%
NO -.- I don't like people having xp grinders. 4 vote(s) 6.9%
I don't care, as long as it doesn't generate lag and troubles at EMC :) 15 vote(s) 25.9%
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  1. Please don't break out into an argument (I'm talking to everyone here too)
    I get where your coming from but I really think this need to at lease have a say from JustinGuy because the way this is going this thread will get closed

    But when all you want is to enchant a pickaxe but travelling 2500+blocks for some xp that is a wast of time in my opinion

    Or to stop getting killed by the mob spawner you could make it when you destroy the spawner when it is locked it pauses mob spawning from it for 30 seconds (Giving you time to run if you don't own it)
  2. It wasnt intended to be argumentative, It just makes me mad that people are sooooooooooooo naive and do nothing but complain instead of fixing the problem themselves. They just run to the admins, "waa waa waa. I want this this this this and this cuz im lazy" My aswell just go ask him for stacks of diamonds. It makes me really mad all people do is complain, it really does.

    *as he complains about complainers*
  3. :confused:
    you really got to be lazy to find a good spot with 3 spawner or more and build a good and effective crusher (/sarcasm)

    and walking 2 hours just to get some XP sounds totally reasonable
    if u wanna sell some enchanted items u Have to walk back to town!
    and walking 2 hours every once in a while just to sell my enchanted picks, ...
    walking faaar out into the wilderness sounds reasonable if u don't live or want to live in Town... but then again. why are yoiu plaing on a multiplayer server when u hide 16k blocks away from everyone else?
  4. I see where you are coming from but copherfield has only asked for a solution for something twice once was a question if its possible.

    But yeah for the thing we want to do with the spawners needs to be locked or it WILL get broken (It is actually really hard to find slime rooms and 4 spawner's near each other :/
  5. I have a good 3 spider spawn spot with 3 slime chunks and a mob tower right there with it aswell. and not 500 blocks from that spot is another 1 spider spawner 2 zombie spawner 4 slime chunk spot... and who said you walk, just a rail, take a boat, sprint xD
    And my 2 hour away base it like 40,000 blocks. Thats a bit over kill but I like it, it is easy enough to take a quick 20-30 minute walk or boat ride to a nice safe place. where greifing is nearly impossible if you take the right precautions.
  6. I believe your being a bit rude. I'm not saying that "I want locked spawners so i can be lazy" kid, i had more than 4-5 xp grinders griefed already, i know how it feels ;) also, as said on the thread itself:
    Thank you.

    OW, btw: if you don't agree with the poll, go ahead, don't vote :)
  7. If you want to make a fair poll, make fair reply's, and if you don't let both sides voice there opinion the whole thread is just as bias. Which makes it ALL void if it is completely bias and swayed one way.
  8. See, there is only 2 negative votes, the rest are neutral (by 25%) and positive (by 70.8%)
    Also [sarcasm] yeah shure i should make a base 9876545678909876545678 away from spawn just to get an xp grinder that works, also add to that number the number of blocks to find a good spot. [/sarcasm]
  9. Why would someone say no to locked mob spawners? i just don't get your point.
    or maybe you don't want people to have an xp grinder and you just don't want to say it.
  10. I think that bashing my tried and true methods of anti-grief with your sarcasm is rather rude, and I'm 100% sure that if you had worded all the questions differently it would affect the poll greatly, simply "yes I agree" "no I disagree" and "maybe if it doesn't affect lag" But not the horribly bias and the only "negative" answer makes people seem like complete (lack of a better word)'s, and the fact the votes are public also makes people not want to vote no so that also dont seem like (lack of a better word)'s.
  11. That's the dumbest question ever which only shows how naive you are. People have their own opinions on if they should be locked or not so saying "who would" is the stupidest thing ever. The other part of it just shows how completely idiotic you are as well, I don't oppose grinders, why would I? I have 6 of them.
  12. Ok copherfield now your getting slightly rude to :/ I mean two posts just explaining something looks and when I read it it looks like you could use caps in the same affect :/
  13. I'm just curious. Why are you so much against that idea? What will be the downside of it in your opinion?
  14. Downsides, people cant destroy the spawner? If someone locks a spawner to be a jerk so it spawns mobs and kills people and the person cant remove it... And frankly what's the real point of locking them? so someone can be lazy, they could just as easily grief the entire grinder... which wouldn't solve any of the players problems, people want to have it so they can be lazy and "feel" safe, they aren't. the day griefers don't exist is the same day lazy and naive people don't exist.
  15. you have to be within 16 blocks for them to spawn , you can run away or light it up just as any other spawner. they aren't that dangerous, tat they can instantkill anyone :confused:
    its not hard mode on the server
    i mean... even the 50 spiders i accidentally released once in my xp farm didn't kill me.
    its jsut logout, login and swooosh they disappear

    your argument with the laziness ... you could also say that it's lazy someone can lock chests in the wild. they are just too lazy to carry their stuff to town or to hide it properly... :confused:

    but just another idea if you think locking a spawwner for, lets say 2.5k or 5k... is overkill. If the possibility exists you may restrict it to everyone so no one can lock more than ~5 spawners.
  16. I agree. I would only add in this, I think its a bad idea, The poll is bias. I'm done.
  17. irrelevant chests are player made, spawners arent, you cant "own" a spawner, you can "own" a chest.
  18. Lets get someone e.g Member of staff to post this like twitch1 then it won't be bias :)
  19. I agree, same question about locked spawners, different poll answer's
  20. Never anywhere did he say that Spawners are player made.

    Xx, Give me a legitimate reason why you shouldn't be able to protect a spawner other then because it'll really badly affect your griefing? If someone locks a spawner just to 'hurt' someone, Stick a torch on and then just leave.
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