Block Protected Spawners

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Do you think block protected spawners are a good idea?

Poll closed Mar 25, 2012.
Yes! 15 vote(s) 75.0%
No! 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Only non blaze spawners 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Only non skeleton, zombie and spider 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I think that we should have block protected spawners so people could not at all destroy them!
    There is no gain at all for destroying a spawner! The 3 main reasons people destroy spawners:

    1. To cause other people grief.
    2. Because they don't know that you can disable spawners with torches not pickaxes.
    3.Because they think they can get the spawner if they destroy it.

    These are the positives of destroying spawners:
    1. You get a lot more people complaining that their mob traps where griefed
    2. More people complaining that theyc can't find a spawner

    See? Destroying spawners does nothing at all and only causes grief for other people!

    If spawners were block protected this is what would be the positives:

    1.People can build their mob traps without fear of it being destroyed.
    2. People can get more rare or mob items easier.
    3. People won't have to wander hours looking for a spawner then complain that they can't find one.
    4. Blaze spawners add the challenge back to nether strongholds.

    Overall what does destroying a spawner do?

    a. Cause other people grief.
    b. Nothing
    c. Even more nothing.

    So that is why spawners should be block protected. JustinGuy if you read this or any other administrator please take my request for spawners to be block protected into consideration to further benefit the EMC community.
  2. Somehow I feel that this is a one-sided argument, I'd agree about the disadvantages of destroying a spawner, but you should at least state some real positive points of destroying one. I'll give one, destroying a spawner can prevent alot of monsters swarming at you, thus you have a better chance of survival.

    Edit : Isn't there a thread about protecting spawners?
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  3. I think this was brought up before. I am not sure if I am for or against it, but it wouldn't be that hard to do, perhaps I will put it up for an official vote soon :)
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  4. I like the idea, even if it is impossible to make it supported by the [LOCKED] command, would it be easier to make it unbreakable, like bedrock?

    Players would still be able to disable them with torches of course, just not break them.
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  5. yeah it was.... By me.... It got locked... You never answered :(....

    EDIT: Found it,
    it got more than 40 votes, maybe you can count that up xD
  6. This thread you created that got locked still wasn't the first time it was brought up. :)

    I took it to the staff forum for discussion when it was brought up the first time, when the [LOCKED] signs were first implemented. Ultimately i believe it was undecided as we weren't sure if it was possible, and it sorta got overshadowed by more important concerns, such as opening new servers. :)
  7. Ow sorry, i don't check staff forums much this days...
    w8, i don't see staff forums anyways xD
    *trolling aside* sorry if i was wrong Shaun :p
  8. Lol, it wasn't in its own thread, it was thrown in as an idea in the [locked] sign thread. It was a valid idea so i took it to staff discussion. :)
  9. thanks justinguy for always helping out wherever you can!:D
  10. That is what I mean. Not being able to lock them with signs is not what I meant. Making them unbreakable like bedrock or blocks at the spawn is what I really meant because if you make it possible for people to lock them with signs just for themselves they may forget about or possibly even hog them just for themselves.
  11. Any good minecraft player should know that you can disable them with torches. Most minecraft players will probably only find one only if they are out looking for a long time thus they will probably be equiped with torches.

    Also their is a good chance that someone will have found it already and either:
    a. disabled it with torches
    b. made it into a safe mob trap
    c. made it safe so you don't get killed

    And in the rare chance that someone hasn't already found it and nullified it with torcches or made it safe and you don't have any torches to disable the spawner you can always run away!

    Destroying spawners does nothing and only ruins the fun for other people!
  12. Most people only destroy spawners because they panic and use their pickaxe. Some people destroy spawners in mob traps to annoy others but that is only the minority.

    There's not really any good reason to destroying spawners. If someone would like to try to come up with one, be my guest. :D
  13. False. And here's my counter argument, based on what I've run into. To clarify, most of the time if you find me at all, I'll be way out in the wilderness, where if there's anyone else around at all, the odds are they just came out to grief me.
    Moreover, I've had some... well, I would call it unfortunate luck in building on or around Abandoned Mineshaft structures. Usually I don't find out until after I've established a decent base of operations, so moving is out of the equation. And as most of you know, mineshafts have those nasty toxic spider spawners in them. Vicious little suckers, not something I want to spend time building traps for, or grinding XP on. So, I just destroy them.

    1. It's a billion miles out in the wilderness: I am not ruining anyone's fun by doing so, since "anyone" in the area is likely only there to grief me.
    2. Disabling with torches is not a permanent solution: should I tunnel wrong, an accidental flood could wash the torches away and leave me neck-deep in spiders again.
    3. I have no desire to harvest them for drops or XP, so nothing is gained by building a trap.

    Now I grant you this is a somewhat specific scenario - people intentionally destroying trapped or otherwise nullified spawners deserve all the scorn you wish. But don't judge everyone as ignorant or griefing simply because they don't feel like dealing with creature spawns.
  14. I'll add my TWO cents!

    Kephras, No one said anything about protecting ALL spawners. Just make it so those who are NOT scared to make a good cave spider spawner .. Like ME... can lock them from some A-hole that is being a punk in our society from destroying someone else's hard work. It's as Simple at that! :p
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  15. How about making them lockable with a sign... People may still destroy the walls around them, but the spawners themselves would be safe...
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  16. +1 for lock, they make the game more fun, entertaining and challenging, removing them serves no benefit to the community..
  17. shaunwhite did.
    So did the OP.
    Did you actually read this thread?

    As for the rest of your post...
    I'm not scared to, I just find them a nuisance and would prefer to eliminate said nuisance. It's not "As Simple As That!" as you claim. But this is petty bickering, my post is simply a counter-argument to way2smrt's contention that spawners are somehow holy and no benefit is ever derived from destroying one. If you read my post, you'll find that I have nothing against locking specific spawners in regions where people actually make use of them - I just don't want to see them become "unbreakable, period, end of story."
  18. I can live with ...Most of what your saying and totally agree with your last statement.

    If I struck a nerve. Sorry. ;)