[suggestion] smp8 demands a fish emoji for use on the forums

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by KatydidBuild, Sep 14, 2023.


Do you want a fish emoji?

yes 7 vote(s) 46.7%
no 7 vote(s) 46.7%
:eek: I am scared of smp8 1 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. Lets face it. We need a marriage fish emoji. To fully represent Emc personality on the forums.
    We just do.
    We have an Aikar head. :aikar: We are missing something fishy.
  2. take my money i dont care just take it
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  3. +1 in jungle green. I never would've thought of that idea, but I'm totally on board even as a proud SMP6er!
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  4. What would this look like?
    I would suggest the fish item texture, which I don't think is in the game anymore since they added salmon and cod.
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  5. good idea but i tink it maybe funny to do a old fish or cod item texture and a New 1 with love hards or somting becouse that could actuly be turned in a promo for valentines day or somting mairage fish promo emote lore
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  6. we need this
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  7. 🎣🐟🐡

    this should be the smp8 flag 🎏
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  8. agreed!
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  9. +1

    A definite throwback to the heyday when SMP8 was actively the weird server. :cool:
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  10. i agree some players may pul the average down but the weart ness will always exsist wen im stil in charge
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  11. My advice: People that have responded in support but not voted "yes" in the poll should answer the poll like I did to bring the average back up (and closer to its true number)!

    Now that I think of it, maybe we also need some emojis for the other SMPs to illustrate their character too? Like, I don't know, maybe a frog for SMP1 (Eviltoade's home)? A palm tree for SMP6 (the home of the MPO)? A diamond for utopia (the supporters' special SMP)? Still, I'm totally on board with the fish for SMP8 idea even more so than anything else, even as a proud SMP6er that redefined my SMP.
  12. I'm the 1% of people scared of SMP8 due to the history. :cool:
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  13. 🐟
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  14. u shut be lol learn a player to fish he can eat for his hole life learn a smp8 player to fish he maries his hole life

    the smp8 history i dint read into but its probely fish marages
    and just the tings i normaly do
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  15. Smp8 reeks of fish anyway, keep the joke rolling
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  16. There are six votes for 'Yes' though, and five posts (including the OP) that suggest people supporting this idea, to me.
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  17. anyone who voted no is a hating weenie
  18. That's true. Nonetheless, Yes and No are currently tied, and there were fewer Yes votes than posts in support at the time I voted and posted my +1.
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