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  1. Hey, I'm really board sitting in the car for like 2 hours so I've come up with this cool idea in my perspective and its this:
    -have 10 elections for a mayor position on each server
    -it would be every month
    -the mayor is responsible for:
    -community events
    -helping people with things like:
    -telling rules
    -enforcing rules
    -telling/ relaying messages to admins or moderators about things that occur

    Tell me you opinions because I would like to know :D
  2. Insert meme here*

    "how about no"
  3. Wouldn't telling rules be enforcing them? Also what do you mean by donations? I could see a lot of scandals happening if this was to happen like there might be a money laundering scheme. Plus isn't jack already an unofficial one?
  4. You are the mayor of your Res in town and no one can take that away from you. :) As for enforcing rules everyone does good part telling new players the rules like caps,spam, and constant begging in town chat don't really single individual to take that load and anyways that's why you have the Emc Staff to really enforce the rules. :) As for suggestions we have this :http://empireminecraft.com/forums/the-suggestion-box.48/ which you just used. As for donations any player has the free will to give or not to give donations to a Shop/Casino/Projects and etc.
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  5. I like the idea, however it kinda goes against the 'all players are treated equally' rule.
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  6. Well that's all true but I think it would just be cool. It would make the game more intresting because people would try to run for mayor but only one could win .
  7. Well everyone will be treated equally because the mayor doesn't get special perks, he would probably loose money campaigning, but it shouldn't make it unequal or I wouldn't like the idea of it
  8. image.jpg
    This would just cause a ton of arguing and rage.
    Ah, felt good to bring that meme back.
  9. Good point
  10. Make a little clan then ... and you guys can decide on what to do based of what you tell each other...

    As for most everyone else on the server ... I would 'never' want anyone else wanting to tell me what i can and can't do already apart from the normal set rules... And then if we went off of a set person saying all the community events or suggestions - I'd feel as though everyone's decision wouldn't be accounted for fairly.

    For me it would have to be a no...

    ps) If you want something where someone can win ... try making or entering in a competition, they're always fun.
  11. Oh, I might of miss wrote it because what I mean by enforcing to rules is to stop things like spamming and normal EMC rules
  12. no worries ... if someone is breaking the rules just send them to http://empireminecraft.com/guide/rules
    or if they keep breaking them just /report (player) reason

    to me...making mayor positions would be a lot of hassle ... someone would have to constantly keep monitoring the chats and it would take away from the fun of actually playing; We already have moderators, and when you report, it goes to a list of reports for all the staff to see and they should take care of it within a few seconds to few hours.

    Edit: But there is nothing wrong with telling someone to follow the rules you mentioned... you can do that anyways and just be a better player by telling people to follow the rules; Just I don't believe it would be worth the hassle making someone have to mandatorily watch chats.
  13. I recomend joining the New Republic. Talk to Volt72
  14. 72Volt*
  15. Dont we have Staff to do that?
  16. How about no meme.jpg
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  18. Guys I have no clue but its just an idea, and I'm not saying that players don't have the right to enforce the rules, I never said this was some great idea so please don't bash me about it, it's just a suggestion, take as you like too.
  19. Yep but that was ages ago, just after I joined the empire.