[Suggestion]Senior staff giving you the Ability to work on your own Road Edits

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Do you think this is a good idea?

Yes 9 vote(s) 40.9%
Yes... With more rules 3 vote(s) 13.6%
No 7 vote(s) 31.8%
It's a cool idea, But I'll stick with world edits 3 vote(s) 13.6%
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  1. I just had a suggestion that will change senior staff road editing jobs. Supporters all know of the strenuous procedure to get our road edits done via when Senior Staff are online. But most commonly they aren't and your consulting if copying the same thing is going to look good. I'd say for Senior Staff sake and we as players, we should be able to do the edits ourselves.

    This will how it will work

    1. Process of getting a road edit will be the same, you will need to contact a senior staff member.

    2.You pay them accordingly to your road/s you want to edit.

    3. They give you permission in that selected road/s for you to complete in a week. You have admin flag BUT it's only limited to giving perms to other players (Like build,use,and container). You can't change any other flag than those specified.

    4.After that week is up, your permissions on roads will be diminished as well as any other player you set with flags.

    5. You enjoy the satisfaction of exotic new builds never before on roads that world edited ones lack.

    What Will need to happen
    Being able to select roads than to create residents.

    If you have multiple claims like me, you would like something like this. Tell me what you think.
    I will be editing this post when you suggest more rules or ideas to this thought.
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  2. The whole town is just one zone with no subzones, so making that possible would be a lot of work. The town paths are not residences, so new mini-residences (subzones) would need to be created. :)
  3. I like the idea but will it happen.. Most probably not for reasons stated above =D
  4. Exactly, which wouldn't be a bad thing either.
    Yes a little work would be needed to make this happen but the reward is good.
  5. I also like this idea alot. If there was an easy way to do it.
  6. -1
    This seems like a lot more effort than just having sr staff do it. Why would you pay them for you to build it on your own? Also, how would they make sure the path is still walkable? And if it's determined to not be walkable do they have to give you another week to try again?
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  7. sometimes what you are building is super complicated. These would mean less work for them and you wouldnt have to build that section somewhere else.
  8. Yeah, but you're essentially just paying them for giving you perms which doesn't make sense because you have to do all the work yourself.
  9. Which is fine for me. I'd rather build as I go then have to build that part somewhere else to get it moved over.
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  10. Rules and guidelines will need to be set in order to keep the road looking kept.
    In staff part of giving permissions to players it is easy as /road pset clan23 edit true

    EDIT:If you must continue building pastime set, you must message staff to extend your time. Which will cost whatever how many days you want to extend it.
    Again this is more players who like to do their own work and who are making complicated builds.
  11. Yeah, that makes sense. If it did happen it certainly shouldn't cost as much as having staff do it.
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  12. I think you allowed to have the roads changed to a different block as long as they are still able to be walked on?
  13. Yes it needs to be walkable. But say like speud blocks and looking bad, either you pay to extend your edit time to repair it or you will be paying base price again for your edit to be rolled back.
  14. I am pretty sure this has been suggested before or at least discussed. The residences are set up as boxes in one big grid of town roads. We can't give permissions to edit freely on the roads like that because they are not residences. It would take manual creation of every road as a subres. Seeing as how it took 30 hours minimum of Senior Staff and I's time to make the new residences, doing that for each road is impractical and frankly, I'm not doing it.

    The services will stay as they are for now.
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  15. To add to krysyy, its fine as it is. Just make your edit on your res and get them to copy and paste, if you don't have room, loan one from another player. Also all roads must be inspected before going there as it has to be able to have a 4 block high space, and can not make the player have to turn or jump.

  16. Ninja'd :confused:

    For road edits, you normally build the road on your current residence and then Senior Staff moves in onto the road.

    You are suggesting to add many more steps to a process that is already difficult.

    Normal road edits consist of:
    1. Copy the road
    2. Paste the road
    3. Fix any errors that may have occurred
    4. Delete the road off of the player's residence
    5. Remove the required amount of money from the player's balance
    Your suggestion:
    1. Create residence on the road
    2. Give player admin
    3. Make sure that the player doesn't just grief the road
    4. Remember that the player's week is up and come back
    5. Make sure that the road meets all requirements
    6. Possibly have to reset the road
    7. Delete the residence on the road
    8. Remove the required amount of money from the player's balance
    In my opinion, it is much easier to just stick with the current process keep your day that much more easy. There are many many problems that can arise with this idea, and I just think that it is a bad idea.
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  17. Is there a possible way of selecting area for edits on roads than creating a sub res? Kinda like worldedit selection but moreover a highlight giving a player permissions for that selected area?
  18. There is, but as stated in my post. I'm not doing that for every road on the Empire.
  19. It makes it more complicated than it needs to be. Why don't you just build your complicated road edit next to it on a separate residence, and then just have them copy it over? That's what I did TWICE with 3110.
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